Protesters can help end unjust policing

I applaud Chattanooga Police Chief David Roddy for his immediate, succinct and honest response about this horrible act of brutality by a police officer. Ironically, I failed to see any such message from Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond (his chief deputy, Austin Garrett, did make a statement).

If the truth were told, I am certain that there have been many George Floyds in Chattanooga and around the area. Under the cover of darkness, in the back of a squad car, out in the woods, without those damning videos and in the safety within "the blue line," we have had our many atrocious acts based on racial hate. They, too, are being protested for the crimes done against them. Isn't it time, long past due, that those sins are confessed?

Good for every rightful protester acting to finally end this horrible nightmare.

Michael Lawrence


Two editorial pages reflect diverse opinions

To the writer of the Sunday TFP letter, "Newspaper won't give Trump credit":

I have subscribed to the Chattanooga Times Free Press for more than 30 years. You accuse the paper of being a "Trump hater" and cite numerous remarks unfavorable to the president on the editorial page.

The Times Free Press is unbiased in its coverage of all issues. In impartial newspapers, the editorial page is the only place where bias is allowed. You read the left-hand side of the spread. You failed to mention that on the right-hand side, the opposite bias is expressed.

When the two papers combined, each retained its right to express personal opinions on the editorial pages, and they express those feelings freely. I'm surprised that in the months you have subscribed, you did not notice the pro-Trump opinions on the right side of the spread. Are you saying that those should be the only opinions in the paper? That would be unAmerican.

Gloria Anchors

Dunlap, Tennessee


Return Mullis to state Senate

Before retiring, I coached for 20+ years at Model, Trion, Chattooga, LaFayette and Gordon Lee high schools. Throughout, I have had the pleasure of coaching some impressive young men in Northwest Georgia, including state Sen. Jeff Mullis.

Even as a young man, Jeff displayed the leadership qualities that serve him so well today — determination, character, compassion, ethics and drive to succeed. He is a born leader.

As a United State Marine Corps veteran, I know what it takes to defend a cause greater than yourself and what is means to be honorable and ethical. Jeff embodies those qualities through his service to Senate District 53.

He has been endorsed by the NRA and Georgia Carry, Georgia's no-compromise voice for gun owners. He has authored or co-authored every pro-gun legislation to come out of the Georgia Senate since elected.

Jeff received the "Distinguished Service Award" from the Fort Oglethorpe Kiwanis Club, was named "Citizen of the Year" by the Walker County Chamber of Commerce and received GMA's "Champion of Georgia Cities" award four times.

Now, more than ever, we need a proven leader to defend us. Please join me in supporting Jeff to continue to represent us.

Bobby Chappell


Let's heal our wounds to realize USA dreams

I had a dream. I dreamed that Presidents Carter, Clinton, Bush and Obama met with President Donald Trump in the White House Rose Garden and together addressed "our fellow Americans."

The president said our great country has much to celebrate and much to correct. Let us all work together to heal the wounds, narrow the divides, correct mistakes and make America all it can be together.

No more nightmares, please.

Joanne Phillips