Use 25th Amendment to remove Trump

In a parliamentary democracy, an incompetent prime minister can be removed from office by a vote of "no confidence." Failures of the impeachment process prove American democracy is stuck with an incompetent fool of a president until January 2021. His inconsistent, uninformed actions during the previous four months of the pandemic virus and his recent inflammatory, dictatorial statements about civil unrest resulting from the murder of George Floyd demonstrate Donald Trump is a dangerous, incompetent executive.

Trump is ignorant of his constitutional prerogatives, uninterested in governing, obsessively focused on re-election, unable to formulate policies, lacks emotional intelligence, and is irrational and narcissistic. Our democracy is crumbling, and citizens' lives are in danger. We the people cannot afford to wait for the November election to remove this guy from office. It is time for Republicans to invoke the 25th Amendment, whereby Vice President Pence (and Cabinet) notifies Congress that Trump is unable to safely discharge his official duties. Congress removes Trump by a two-thirds vote. Yes, I know we progressives will struggle with a President Pence, an obsequious enabler of Trump, but at least Pence appears to be compassionately sane. We have no other options.

Dave Benn


We'll remember if vote-by-mail fails

What follows is my message to state Rep. Robin Smith and state Sen. Todd Gardenhire. I urge others to voice their concerns to our Tennessee legislators.

Given that Chattanooga is now in the top four cities in the nation for COVID-19 case growth, I believe it is time for our state legislators to show some responsibility, sensibility and compassion for the citizens of Tennessee by allowing all eligible voters to cast mail-in ballots in the 2020 election. We have precious little time to enact this change. Citizens suffering from chronic illnesses and compromised immune systems are at extreme risk if exposed to the coronavirus. Others of us who risk carrying the virus to the elderly or otherwise compromised. The current absentee voter regulations are designed to make it next to impossible to vote by mail. The net result is that people are going to have to choose between their health and their right to vote.

To fail to allow voting by mail during this pandemic is both cruel and immoral. If this is not remedied, I will remember in perpetuity which political party forced this peril upon us. And, I do not think I am alone.

M. Johanna Kosik


Backing Moore for Georgia Senate

I wholeheartedly support Colton Moore for the state Senate in District 53. From the time he was state president of Georgia Future Business Leaders of America in high school, to graduating with double majors in political science and international affairs from the University of Georgia, Colton Moore has dedicated his life to community service. He is rated the seventh most conservative legislator in Georgia.

When not representing House District 1 in Atlanta, you can find him on his family farm or his international job as an auctioneer. Colton is young, energetic and tirelessly supports the American values of freedom, individual responsibility and the limitation of government overreach. It is time for our younger generation to participate in building the future for the prosperity of all the people of Georgia. Colton Moore will serve his constituents with knowledge and compassion. Vote Colton Moore to Senate in District 53!

Joanne Leach

Rossville, Georgia