Read Constitution but oppose Trump

It amuses me to read letters that state we (those opposed to President Trump) do not understand the Constitution. Well, I have read it. I also have read the Federalist Papers. I have read Jefferson's and Adams' letters to each other and Madison's and Jefferson's letters to each other. So please do not tell me, when I oppose what Trump is doing, I do not know the Constitution.

Not only is he violating, in some instances, the very letter of the law, he is also violating its spirit. If you do not understand this, then it is you who does not understand the true meaning of the U.S. Constitution. This is the exact instance Madison and Adams, actually all of the Founding Fathers, were terrified of — the rise of a political figure who had complete disdain for the rule of law.

I can oppose any administration, or acts of an administration, without being un-American or a lefty or any other demeaning cliché Trump acolytes like to throw around. I believe in the U.S. Constitution and all that our founders meant for this country to be. And trust me, Trump is not it.

Mark A Smith

Trenton, Georgia


Commentary variety makes good reading

All six pieces on the June 3 editorial pages of the Times Free Press were good. Particularly noteworthy were "White America, look in the mirror," by Chicago Tribune columnist Dahleen Glanton on the Times side, and the "Racism, rioting and redemption" column by Cal Thomas on the Free Press page.

They show that worthwhile commentary can appear on either side of the editorial pages.

John D. Beck



TFP Trump coverage way too one-sided

I have been an avid reader of your newspaper for 45 years. I'm only going to renew for the benefit of my wonderful carrier (my paper is always on time).

I am so disappointed with your one-sided coverage of our president. Yes, you have a conservative editorial page. But all of the other articles, comments and political propaganda are so biased.

You should watch Fox News to learn about real news.

Jamey Jones


Why superintendent's salary not on table?

During these extremely difficult financial times, with declining tax revenues, when teacher salaries are frozen, and negotiations with custodians have been refused in Hamilton County, why is there no consideration being given to cutting Superintendent Bryan Johnson's extremely high salary — six digits and accompanying fringe benefits?

Joan Eigenberg

Signal Mountain


President at fault for virus deaths

U.S. senators, I noticed that you gutless jerks blamed the subject individual for more unnecessary deaths during this coronavirus pandemic. You should grow a pair and place blame for all deaths where it truly belongs ... at the feet of our so-called president. Of course, truth can't be expected from any Republican senators any longer since you're all afraid you might make the worst president in history angry.

It's very unfortunate that your desire to please a lying narcissist has disrupted your recognition of the difference between right and wrong. Just remember, God still knows. I hope our cowardly Republican Senate will see the errors of its ways very soon. You and the so-called president are a disgrace and embarrassment to the once proud United States of America. Wake up!

Rodney Killian