Drop systemic racism for America to prosper

As an African American born and raised in the United States, I learned "100" is often considered "the best" (i.e., a grade, the age 100 or 100% agreement of any decision). In the United States of America, 100 simply does not exist. We are not and have not ever been 100% united. The name "United States" defies reality.

Every day of my life, each encounter of an individual of another race, I am subject to detect whether I will be met with respect or indifference because of my race. This is real.

The "old pandemic of racism" has plagued us for centuries. We need 100% support of leaders across state and party lines to agree on fundamental policies which serve to unite and protect us as a people.

How can a nation divided against itself prosper? What is the cure for racism?

It is my hope that we never go back to the "old normals" of racism, bigotry, prejudice and hatred. During this opportunity to shelter-in-place, my prayer is we all work toward a united country where all can be proud to call home.

Liz Cooper


Trump guilty of collusion anyway

Your conservative editorial "The Plot to Destroy A Presidency" seemed to be more conspiracy theory than fact. Yes, Rosenstein said he would not have signed the FISA for Carter Page, based on errors turned up by Trump's suspicious administration. The investigation based a lot on Page, who was basically insignificant but was seen on many TV shows laughing about the suspicion toward him.

Mueller's investigation may not have found proof of actual collusion, but it did find a lot of bad stuff, criminal and non-criminal, within the Trump campaign and administration. In my mind, Trump did collude, by denying, lying, attacking, firing, obstructing, taking Putin's word over our intelligence agencies, and his standing defense that mainstream media are enemies of the people. There were real reasons for Mueller's investigation, but a little cooperation from our president could have prevented it ... and why wouldn't he, if he was innocent. The frightening thought for the country is that Trump is eligible to be re-elected ... and he is pulling every underhanded string that his power gives him to win.

John S. Winesett


Private schools are accountable as well

Jeanette Omarkhail, president of the local teachers' union, is quoted on June 4 as saying private schools "don't want to be held accountable for the same things that our public schools are held accountable for, so they should not receive this government funding." Her statement is not supported by data.

Private schools are indeed held accountable to standards for student growth, faculty performance, and even financial management by their accrediting agencies, boards, administrations and parents. All the private schools listed in the article are faith-based schools, Muslim and Christian. There is a strong likelihood that these schools were founded so students could be educated in matters of faith as well as other areas of academic endeavor. There are parents who faithfully pay taxes, which provide for public schools and yet are compelled to seek private schooling for their children to allow them education in faith concepts. If this could be provided in public schools, many parents would be delighted to choose that option. Are we troubled about providing relief to all of the students?

M.A. Milbank

Lookout Mountain, Georgia