Erasing the past won't fix the present

Many people want to dismantle the statues of Confederate Civil War heroes and change the names of military bases. They base this desire for change on slavery and prejudice. They forget that these men were soldiers, who were honored because they distinguished themselves in combat.

How about if we take this to the next level. Let's tear down the statues of actual slave owners, such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Washington owned 123 slaves and Jefferson owned 175. Thirty-four of the 47 signers of the Declaration of Independence were slave owners.

Therefore, we should topple the Washington monument, tear down the Jefferson Memorial and deface Mount Rushmore. Let's change the names of Washington State and Washington, D.C. How about changing the names of the 88 cities that are named after Washington and the 72 named after Jefferson? Don't forget the 31 counties named after Washington and 26 after Jefferson. What about all of their street names?

Ridiculous, right? Golda Meir said, "One cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it does not fit the present." It's time to act like adults and not children.

Len Calderone

Rossville, Georgia


School board should show restraint, efficiency

The recent issue about buying the Sears property at Northgate Mall has nothing to do with comments made about the seller or the political comments made by Hamilton County United. The real and only issue is how efficient our tax money is being spent for taxpayers and for students.

As a taxpayer and concerned citizen for students' education, I wonder what justifies the sellers making "only" $1.2 million on this proposed sale. This is at a time when mall property is distressed as shown by Amazon's effect on reducing shopping at malls. Reduced mall value and profitability can easily be understood by looking at CBL's stock (down 72% year to date). Can someone explain why we taxpayers would pay such a high price for mall property when mall property should be decreasing in value?

We don't need a teacher's advocacy group making this a political issue. We need the Board of Education to look at the big picture and do what is best for students and taxpayers with citizens' money.

Bernard T. Shramko


God is in charge; God will fix this

I work from home and have had the chance to watch on various new outlets the killing of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers.

This is a tough period for many people, but let us all remember that God is in charge and will take care of it all in due time and in his own way. However, we must keep fighting and standing up for what we truly believe in.

We must continue to protest the killing of Mr. Floyd and do it with dignity and strength and order so that our message is not lost. Protest peacefully so our voices will be heard loudly. Wear a mask, wash your hands and be sure to socially distance.

Remember to vote on Nov. 3.

I plead with all mayors to gather your staffs and councils and review your policing policies and then change what is necessary to eliminate police brutality and excessive force.

From seeing people of all walks of life participating in protests, we as neighbors are coming together and loving each other for a great cause. God will fix it.

Jeff Davis

LaFayette, Georgia