Return-to-school rules appear onerous

My family recently received an email from my school stating that if the COVID-19 pandemic has yet to conclude by the time the new school year starts, then we will have to wear school-distributed masks while on campus, eat lunch outside the student center as opposed to in the cafeteria, desks will need to be cleaned between classes, and we must log our temperatures every morning, among other things.

I think that this is a lot more trouble than it's worth. Since online classes have been working pretty well up to the end of the school year, I don't see why we must trouble ourselves with returning to physical classes while the pandemic is still happening.

In my opinion, if it isn't safe to return to school normally, then it's not safe to return at all. What do you think?

John Butler III


How to help our republic

Tired of what Trump and his sycophants are doing to our environment, health system, economy, relations with our allies and our republic? There are things each of us can do:

* Socially distance and wear a mask; natural selection will favor us and reduce the number of covidiots.

* Contact your members of Congress when voters' rights, minority rights, women's rights are attacked; make your opinion known.

* Complete the Census; it's critical for accurate representation.

* Vote!

* If you have a vehicle, volunteer to transport voters to the polls, regardless of their political inclinations; you might change the mind of a wavering Trump supporter.

For the sake of our nation and the rights of all citizens, Trump and those aligned with him must be defeated. The 2020 election won't get rid of all them, but it will be a start.

James M. Hemsley


Surely Cal Thomas isn't that surprised!

Is it noteworthy when a bird soars, when a dog barks or when a bee stings? No. However, based on his "Trump toxic in Tulsa" column on Wednesday's TFP, page B7, it is to Cal Thomas. He seemed bewildered that President Donald Trump spewed toxicity. Huh? He observed that Trump gushed crude language. Duh.

In 1989, Trump spent $85,000 to buy ads in New York City newspapers. "I want to hate these murderers and I always will," he wrote in reference to the Central Park Five, who were convicted for beating and raping Trish Meili. In 2002, Matias Reyes confessed to the crime. His DNA corroborated his confession.

In 2017, Trump flayed NFL players who protested police brutality. He called them a "son of a b——," said they dishonored the flag and should be fired. In 2018, he asked, "Why are we having all these people from sh—hole countries come here?"

Mike Wallace feigned shock during his interview with Malcolm X. Without batting an eye, Malcolm said I'm shocked that you're shocked.

Ditto, for Thomas.

Marc D. Greenwood

Camp Hill, Alabama


Defund? Start with district attorney

Quick question, wouldn't you want to beat the heck out of someone you had to fight every other day to put back in jail because weak-kneed DAs keep letting them out so they can make more court costs off of them? I know I would.

If you want to defund something that will make a difference, start with the District Attorney's office. Cops need money more than courts do.

Rusty Chastain