So much corruption, law-breaking, and policy violations have now been publicly documented coming out of the FBI, DOJ and FISA court in the last three to four years. One wonders if and when any high-profile player is ever going to be indicted, prosecuted or convicted for their actions?

By stark contrast, several of Trump's low-level associates such as Paul Manifold, Gen. Michael Flynn and Roger Stone have all had the "heavy hand" of the Justice Department thrown at them.

This was seen vividly when the judge placed Manifort in solitary confinement in prison and when the nighttime raid of Roger Stone's home occurred with more than 50 agents storming his house in a manner that would usually be reserved for some hardened criminal fugitive.

And then prosecutors tried to slap Stone with an extremely excessive prison sentence!

But the high-profile FBI and DOJ officials who committed egregious acts still remain without charges or prosecution. This picture has every American, whether Democrat, Republican or independent asking the question: Where is the standard of equal justice for all playing out in all of this?

Jerry Johns

Ringgold, Georgia


Choose Haynes over Fairbanks on Tuesday

Marty Haynes ran on a platform four years ago of better technology, diversified staff, more education, ending take home cars and saving on the budget. Mission accomplished.

Randy Fairbanks' accomplishments include voting to keep Hamilton County Commissioners' individual slush fund of $100,000 each and voting for a tax increase in 2017. The state of Tennessee set a certified tax rate of 2.49 after the mandated reappraisal. The County Commission decided to raise the tax rate back to the previous rate of 2.76. Yes, this is an increase. Mr. Fairbanks, you've allowed the Ooltewah area to overdevelop and now some are having septic issues that you can't fix. You are the commission chairman, right? You did vote to expand the landfill in Birchwood against property owners' wishes. They don't represent that many votes, I guess.

If this is the way you conduct business, what would you do as assessor? Being a CPA doesn't appear to help.

Marty Haynes is the better person for the job.

Gary Dawn


Memorial Hospital care 'comes from the heart'

To Memorial Hospital doctors, nurses, staff and executive leadership, I want to express my profound gratitude for the extraordinary care and caring that you recently provided to one of my dearest and most beloved relatives.

My loved one, who was recently suffering from flu symptoms, suddenly became seriously and critically ill with pneumonia in both lungs and many associated complications. It happened so suddenly, and it was terrifying.

From the time of entering the Memorial Hospital emergency room and through the week of hospitalization and intensive treatment, I witnessed the most cohesive, compassionate and professional patient care that anyone with an illness could ever aspire to receive.

From the housekeeping staff who came to the hospital room every morning with a bright smile and a kind hello to thoroughly clean the room, with the understanding that cleanliness and infection prevention start with their efforts, to the excellent doctors, nurses, technicians, support staff and hospital leadership, I was witness to the most intense work ethic that I have ever seen.

You can't buy caring and you can't enforce caring. It comes from the heart, and it comes from an intense desire to heal and to show compassion to those in need.

My beloved relative is home, healing and resting comfortably thanks to all of you.

Michael C. Mallen