Democrats have some impressive people running for president. Biden says he'll pick a vice-presidential running mate capable of being president because he's an old man. I guess he's referring to the fact that he'll probably die in office.

At a rally in Iowa, a man who supported Biden but disagreed with one of his policies was told by Biden to vote for someone else. That's a good way of getting people to vote for you.

Bernie is so hard-core socialist that he'll turn this country into another Venezuela with massive taxation, free health care for all, including illegals, free college — free everything. And to pay for it, I suppose he'll plant the magic trees where all this money will grow.

Yes, these are some of the Democrats running for president. How fitting is it that the symbol for the Democratic Party is a jackass?

Gary Hayes, Ooltewah


Would feel less safe if open carry passes

A bill making its way through the Tennessee legislature would allow anyone to carry a gun openly or concealed without a permit if they meet the requirements to receive a carry permit. By eliminating the permit process, the law removes the requirement for certified gun safety instruction.

Worse, the bill allows anyone in possession of a gun to carry it on the implied assumption that they meet the permit qualifications. If the person is not required to possess, carry and show his permit upon request, how will police officers know a person carrying a gun isn't a felon, isn't under indictment for a felony, isn't subject to an order of protection, isn't a fugitive, isn't a user of illegal drugs or abuser of alcohol and isn't mentally defective?

All this information is provided up front, through the permitting process, and this Tennessean will feel less safe if the permitting process is circumvented by this proposed legislation.

In the current social climate of fear and suspicion, where the first response is often anger, it is insanity to enact a law that fails to verify on the front end a person is sufficiently responsible to carry a weapon.

Sandra McCrea, Signal Mountain


For shame on our Tennessee senators

Shame on Republican U.S. senators, hitmen for the Trump-McConnell mob.

Lamar, some might say constant "fence-sitting" may damage the proverbial sources of male courage. Only a coward tries to vote both no and yes, based on false logic yet.

Marsha, do you think the Senate is a fancy masquerade ball to attend as Scarlett O'Hara? With excessive attention to hair, makeup, nails, style and jewels, when does a "belle" work (as opposed to Rep. Zoe Lofgren, a real beauty inside and out).

And any self-serving good a senator may do is "a wash" in light of subjecting the future of our republic to risky knee-jerks of the apparently incompetent and dishonest. All impeachment trial evidence should have been considered.

Patriot senators, Trump's base is not necessarily your base. Anyone may be temporarily misled, rather than permanently brainwashed. Rescue the Republican Party from the "street hawker" chasing power and riches.

It's simple: Live with integrity, educate your base, tell the truth, listen to and act for constituents. This country needs two viable parties offering reasonable options to its citizens.

Until then, we the fourth branch of government will in November make up for your flagrant irresponsibility.

R. Jo Rolston-Raymond, Hixson