More than a year ago I made an agreement with someone to purchase a car. Because I had known the person for more than five years, I agreed to let him make payments with the understanding I would transfer the title when it was paid off; meanwhile, he promised to not drive it, saying he wanted to begin repairs. Before paying it off, he disappeared and didn't answer my calls or respond to texts.

When I received a renewal notice from the Hamilton County Clerk's office, I asked what should be done since I no longer had the car. To my astonishment, I discovered without my knowledge the car had been re-registered in my name.

Apparently he found an old registration in the car and was permitted to renew it with no ID. The idea someone can register a car without the owner's permission is ludicrous. I've lived in several states; in every other one, it's required that proper ID and proof of insurance be presented at registration.

In this case, the rules in Hamilton County need to be changed. As I see it, Hamilton County is complicit in the theft of my property.

Arlene Michelle, East Ridge


In March, celebrate our social workers

It's March, the month we celebrate a profession filled with bold, courageous, boots-on-the-ground types of people: social workers. They are the people who are trained to stand with you during a crisis, who listen to your story and who watch for the crumbling of vital societal structures.

Social workers are a part of the web of helping professionals; they're in the profession to serve, not to be served. They practice empathy on a micro level and battle for legislation on a macro level.

The profession has evolved over time, and today you'll likely find a social worker in a vast array of organizations. They are your clinical mental health providers, your addiction counselors, your family preservation supporters, your community organizers and your grassroots advocacy heroes. In less than two months, I will eagerly join their ranks and become a part of the new generation of social workers.

Christine Brown, Ringgold


Airport Road deserves attention

Again, the local government is wasting money.

Rather than spend for improvements to Shepherd Road, which is wide, smooth and one of Chattanooga's best roads (which are few), spend money on Airport Road from Lee Highway to Shepherd Road, which is a narrow washboard with poor lighting.

Jim Wolfe


Pushing panic, fear and a left agenda

The fear and hysteria about the coronavirus is being pushed by the far left media.

With the timing of this virus and an election coming, is the fear factor being pushed forward for a reason? Maybe to tank the stock market and destroy the economy? Remember, presidents get re-elected on the economy.

Considering China and the tariffs that were imposed on it, is China friend or enemy? Could the virus have been created to destroy the world's economy?

Remember history and the communists. They will weather the storm to take down their enemies.

Steve Elliott, Whitwell