Lee's 'trust,' 'pray' advice falls short

When I read Gov. Lee's guidance to the leaders of our Tennessee communities, I felt as though I had fallen into Alice's rabbit hole. The best that he could offer is to trust in each other and pray. It sounded like the last words of a 1917 trench commander as he watched a wave of chlorine gas wafting across the fields toward his men.

It was clear to me that he has not tried to find essentials at his local retailer, all the while working hard to maintain the appropriate social distance from people who either didn't know or didn't care about such things. He also must not have talked with some of his friends about all the additional ammo they have just purchased. He has not listened to his neighbors speak with disdain about the steps needed to save lives and protect the more fragile members of our community.

We deserve better. We deserve a leader who will do his best to understand this situation and move quickly to do all we can to mitigate the human damage this virus causes. Thank you, Andy Berke.

Mike Young, Harrison


Don't overlook these folks for your praise

As crazy as everyday life has become, I want to recognize all of those who have made it more bearable. Of course, our health care workers are first and foremost on the frontlines. And we know of the service provided by law enforcement, the fire department, ambulance services, even the military.

However, there are others who ease our burden on a daily basis who aren't recognized as much as they should be.

Having been self-isolated now for almost a week, it would have been so much more difficult had I not still had most of the luxuries of American life. Grocery stores and pharmacies still provide critical goods and are adapting to minimize the risk to their customers and their employees. I appreciate the people I virtually never come in contact with who work to provide for our electricity, water, gas and cable. They all have personal worries about the virus, but they still provide us with things that make life more livable. Even the news media, whom I often criticize for their one-sided (left or right) view, have provided an invaluable service in keeping us up to date on what is going on.

Therefore, if you are part of any of those professions, or so many others I did not mention, I just want to say thank you. You and your actions are appreciated.

Steve Elliott, Cleveland


COVID-19 response is preposterous

The overreaction for coronavirus is stupid. I am going to put this risk in perspective by using data.

Let's compare: The flu in this country has killed 22,000 people this year. Only 205 have died of the coronavirus out of 360 million. Only 10,000 people out of 4.5 billion worldwide have died. That is insignificant and not a credible threat.

If concerned about your survival, don't drive. Car accidents kill 1.25 million people a year. Driving to the store to get your 32 rolls of toilet paper is much more dangerous. Also, there are crowds at the store, you idiots.

The government dictating where you can go and what you can do is unconstitutional. It doesn't surprise me that liberals/Democrats sacrifice their constitutional rights for this illusion of safety. They are always stupid. It does surprise me that conservatives have gone along with this stupidity.

This will pass and will be a big flop. Then politicians, bureaucrats and government doctors will take credit for "saving" us from nothing. Then they will say ... we need more money, bureaucrats and government to protect us even more as we give up more rights.

The media, government and American people's reaction to this is pathetic.

Tim Price, Hixson