It is hard to understand why we allow anything, especially our drugs, supplements, clothing and food, to be manufactured in China.

I read where China is in PR mode blaming the U.S. for causing the COVID-19 virus. If you listen to China's state-run media, you would think President Trump went to China and released vials of the virus.

The Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian tweeted the U.S. military might have brought the coronavirus to Wuhan. He tweeted, "When did patient zero begin in the U.S.? How many people are infected? What are the names of the hospitals? It might have been the U.S. Army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Be transparent! Make public your data! The U.S. owes us an explanation."

How do you trust a government that does this? If it does this in the open, what does it do in the dark? What would stop China from adding something harmful to the thousands of products its sells us?

It is insane to buy from your known enemy.

Cal Lamb, Red Bank


Pandemic can offer a clarity of thought

For me, the pandemic's value is in eliminating distractions and providing me with the setting to ponder the quality of life in America. I see three social structural failings decaying our society.

The three basic social foundations needing help are the family, the corporation and the church. And our choice of a political party/leader is not the fundamental solution. The easy fix is shallow/wishful thinking.

It is important that we come to an understanding of our society's basic needs. The pandemic provides us with the clarity and focus of mind to work on an improved society.

At this time we need to be directed by a collection of our best people toward defining our society's basic needs with proposed corrective actions.

Michael Mainz


Does Trump love spread the virus?

The March 18 editorial on the Free Press page does its usual job of slobbering each time someone points out the complete and incredible incompetency of Trump and his administration, which very much resembles the gang that couldn't shoot straight.

Without meaning to, this weeping plea to leave Trump alone made an excellent point — sit down and shut up, Trump and sycophants, and let the experts who know what they're doing handle this pandemic.

Every time Trump opens his mouth to give himself another 10 rating on the last issue he has totally scuttled, you can hear confidences and hearts sinking all over America. I know he can't help himself, bless his heart, but his mouth is his own worst enemy, and by proxy, ours.

To borrow a phrase, Republicans had better hope kissing Trump's rear end, licking his boots, groveling on knees before him and massaging his enormous ego are not activities that spread COVID-19.

Allan Baggett, Trion, Georgia