Spending money we don't have is crazy

I am vehemently opposed to Nancy Pelosi's $3 trillion "free cheese" giveaway. The plan to keep America whole was a good idea. This boondoggle, however, is a masked attempt to buy votes at the expense of your children and grandchildren.

Our government doesn't have $3 trillion to give away. This money will be borrowed in addition to our roughly $24 trillion debt. Take a minute to consider — $3 trillion is 3,000 billion dollars.

Some businesses, mine among them, were barely harmed by this pandemic or not at all. We also received the free money that we didn't need. I am only getting back funds I paid in. Forty percent of Americans don't pay taxes, and we are gifting them additional money above and beyond what they already receive.

These new funds would bail out states that have been fiscally irresponsible. Do you want your money going to California or Michigan?

It is wrong to punish the future for Pelosi and friends' enrichment and re-election. Of course, if the Senate and president don't sign off, there will be shrill screeching about callous disregard for the poor.

Jim Howard


Fear sells, but only if we buy

Since this neurosis began in January, Hamilton County has reported 319 coronavirus cases.

Hamilton County annually experiences 13,000 (35/day) vehicular accidents with 3,000 (eight per day) injuries. We are 18 times more likely to experience a vehicular accident and four times more likely to be injured than we are to contract this virus. Know anyone who surrendered their license? I didn't think so.

Rather than measured, tailored precautions, we eviscerated the economy, inflicting life-altering financial damage to millions, closed churches, banned visits of loved ones at funerals, buried ourselves in toilet paper and adopted other draconian and neurotic behaviors.

Why? Turn on your TV or read the newspaper. The pandemic became the only newsworthy item on the planet. Grim-faced personnel interviewing grim-faced guests grimly predicting Armageddon, scenes of ambulances screaming down deserted streets, medical personnel racing with gurneys, laboratory workers in gloves, masks, gowns peering grimly into microscopes, reports of hospital bed shortages, and the minute-by-minute scorecard of cases. This is done under the background banner: "Be Prepared, Not Scared."

Oh, sure!

Al Colonna

Signal Mountain


Our 'Ship of State' needs a rescue

When I was in the seventh grade in the 1950s, our math teacher taught basic economic facts about goods and services, productivity, labor, income and inflationary forces. With our "brilliant" seventh-grade brains, we asked our teacher why the government just didn't print money for us. Then we could get what we needed and wanted.

I'll never forgot his answer: "Free money would make people quit working. If they quit working, there wouldn't be anything in the stores. So you'd have a pocketful of money and be poor, along with everyone else."

That was my first lesson in socialism run amok. And that was when the debt/GDP ratio was only 57%, which is now 110%. No matter. The Dems are proposing to print another $3 trillion so we can pay the rent, get a haircut and buy stuff. Of course, this plan is a short-term fix for long-term economic and social disaster. But "free" money is so intoxicating, who cares?

America has evolved from sober minds of the Founding Fathers to drunken minds of politicians today who have no more economic sense than did my seventh-grade class. Our "Ship of State" is sinking. Who will rescue us?

Bob Miller

Signal Mountain