If no volunteers, pay for debris cleanup

I don't understand why, if no volunteers are coming to the aid of the tornado victims still grappling with debris cleanup, the city would not offer to pay those with the payloaders, etc?

Surely there is money in the budget to pay people to do the cleanup.

Sherri DeRose


Socialism benefits the elite, not everyone

Once again, a recent letter writer is wrong. He gave a long list of books without any information about the politics of the authors. He is good at doing Google searches about an issue but no follow-up on the authors.

Social Security is broken because a Democratic president took its money to fight his war in Vietnam. Medicare refuses more medical procedures than any private insurer. For a good example of government-run medicine, look at the VA system.

How do our schools compare to Japan, South Korea and Western Europe? It is time to return to the three R's instead of indoctrination.

The best example of socialism today is Venezuela. It went from the richest country in South America to not having enough toilet paper under just two socialist administrations. Socialism takes very good care of its ruling elite at the expense of all others.

If this is what you want, move to the socialist country of your choice, but leave us to the system that made the highest standard of living for the greatest portion of the population in the World.

Socialism wants to control all aspects of our lives, not just a few.

Paul Black, Soddy-Daisy


Attacking others is a sure sign of fear

Numerous reports of verbal and physical attacks on women, Chinese, Hispanics, African Americans, Muslims and Jews have been reported lately as well as the harassment of people wearing face masks.

People who do this generally feel anxious and afraid, wanting to assert the attitudes of their tribe to show their loyalty. While they do not think this is why they do it, it can be inferred by their actions. If they weren't afraid, why would they carry guns, act in groups, and at times assault others?

A truly confident person does not attack others. They know that they act appropriately and are respected by most people (except those in extremist groups). They feel comfortable with their behavior and life, living according to their religious or philosophical beliefs. They reach out to help others in need. They have fulfilled their obligations to society and do not need to impress others. These people are not necessarily rich nor do they have special titles.

However, we see many who want to impress others with their wealth, position and power. President Trump is obviously in this group, bragging regularly, as well as lying about his actions and motivations. May God forgive him.

Roger A. Meyer


Consider jury duty exemption for elderly

To the solons of the Tennessee legislature:

If we are truly interested in preserving the health of the elderly, we should not require compulsory jury duty.

The coronavirus notwithstanding, many older citizens have mobility issues and medical conditions that make jury duty problematic. Many such conditions do not rise to the level required for jury duty exemption.

Let's join the majority of states which exclude jury duty for those over 70.

Jill Suhr Pett, Hixson