Reporter's bias in 'train' article?

In reading the "Trump Train" article in the Oct. 24 paper, I was stunned to learn such things as "Thin Blue Line police flags, Confederate flags and similar images," according to Sarah Grace Taylor, "are associated with the Republican Party." Associated by whom? By your paper, or just Ms. Taylor? Oddly, your writer gave no corroborating evidence for her assertion. Was this article an example of your giving "the news impartially"? I am a registered Republican voter. I do not own a Trump flag, TBL flag or a Confederate flag.

What I wonder is would you have printed an article in which the writer suggested the antifa flag or banners sporting the image of Che Guevara are associated with the Democrat Party?

Could it be your reporter is not quite as impartial and unbiased as the Chattanooga Times Free Press is supposed to be. I read the Times Free Press every day. Your editorial pages show balance. Why was that impartiality so absent in the "Trump Train" article?

And by the way, my two brothers are retired law enforcement officers. Would I be wrong to fly a Thin Blue Line flag?

Edmond Long

Ringgold, Ga.


Trohanis backed for Walden mayor

I support the re-election of Bill Trohanis for mayor of Walden.

My wife and I are new to the town but not to Signal Mountain, where we have resided for over 15 years. Walden checks all the boxes as it remains charming, safe and affordable. In a town the size of Walden, the mayor carries a huge burden of time and effort to keep things running smoothly without ballooning the payroll and citizens' tax burden. Trohanis continues to show the commitment to put in that time and effort and place the needs of citizens over personal agendas.

The charming part of Walden is apparent just driving our roads, which are clean, in good repair, with what seems to be well-planned and regular maintenance. I also appreciate the partnerships with third-party vendors for trash collection and other services.

The safe part of Walden can be seen in the new fire hall Mayor Trohanis worked closely with Hamilton County to construct. I appreciate the partnership with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office for public safety.

I urge my neighbors to help keep Walden charming, safe and affordable by voting for the re-election of Bill Trohanis as mayor of Walden.

Bo Oglesby



Character of Davis urges his election

Others writing herein have explained in great detail why Lee Davis is the best choice for Walden mayor as a matter of policy, and I second all of them. However, I want tell a story about Lee that speaks to his character.

When I had just begun practicing law in Chattanooga, I was asked by a court to help distribute a booklet written by Lee (who I did not then know) for newly graduated high school students. The booklet covered a huge array of real-world legal topics that should be but are not generally explained to teenagers — where was this when I was 18? Thoroughly impressed, I called Lee to tell him what a public service I thought he had rendered. He was gracious and humble, and obviously had no expectation of gain from his act.

This deeply impressed me about the kind of man Lee is — so much so that, before I even knew about all of the issues (which certainly favor Lee), I understood he is the kind of public servant so sorely needed at all levels of government — honest, ethical and public-spirited. I strongly encourage Walden residents to vote for him.

Joseph Alan Jackson II

Signal Mountain (Walden)