Americans can donate, volunteer during pandemic

I am deeply moved by stories I have read or heard about survivors' guilt endured by combat veterans. Now as someone who has not experienced the suffering of COVID-19, I feel somewhat the same emotion.

I should ponder what I can do to be of service to my community during this pandemic. One act is to become a blood donor. Another is to become a test subject for a COVID-19 vaccine trial.

As a country of caring and brave citizens, the United States can excel in being good and responsible.

Harry Geller


Good riddance to MAGA man

Dear President Donald J. Trump:

Congratulations, sir! Now you can return full-time to the fantasy alternate world you created. You know, The Land of White Men in Red Hats. Where all day long, men play golf, cheat on their wives and fly around in planes and copters with their names emblazoned on them.

Meanwhile, in the real world (note: not reality TV world) the next U.S. president will be tasked with tackling the highest level of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths on the planet. We're No. 1! We're truly the greatest. Thanks to you, our very stable genius.

In closing, before you fly off into the sunset from the White House to sign your new deal with Trump TV, please leave President-elect Biden a detailed copy of that beautiful health care plan of yours that costs less and covers more. What's that, you say? It'll be ready in two weeks?

One last request. Be careful out there. Don't trip over your long red tie on your way out of the Oval Office for the final time, MAGA man. And I mean that strongly.

Lisa Shivers

Signal Mountain


Conflicting mask policies hurting all

Dear North Georgia leaders,

Virus bad.

Mask good.

Your neighbor,

Michael Mallen


'Second' Trump term an assault on democracy

I have read with alarm that Trump's secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, gave a speech in which he declared that there would be a smooth transition to a second Trump term.

Obviously, he is ignoring the results of the election, and declaring an intention to force the nation to accept whatever Trump wants. The attempt at a political coup is being made very public.

I've already contacted our senators asking why they are silent in the face of this outrage. I want to know what they are doing to stop Trump's effort to undermine the Constitution and the integrity of our election. That the secretary of state would support such an attempt is reprehensible

Editors of the Chattanooga Times Free Press, what do you think about this?

Even with some votes still to be counted, there can be no excuse or justification for tolerating this attack on our Democracy.

Katheryn A. Thompson


Local swampers all Republicans?

I get a good chuckle out of reading the Free Press editorial page op-eds and letters to the editor from conservatives demanding the political swamp in Washington and other locations be drained of reptilian creatures.

Then, as I looked over the national and local voting results in your newspaper, I found not a Republican or conservative incumbent was removed from office.

Most were re-elected by monstrous margins. Reptiles, all. Couldn't contain myself, had to chuckle again.

Allan Baggett

Trion, Georgia