Be very wary of barbarians at gate

Democracy is a fragile political system; ours is a work in progress. Important elements of our democratic system are freedom of speech, the right to vote, equal justice for all, checks and balances in three branches of government, shared majority rule and the ethics of legislative compromise.

Last month witnessed the Republican Party (Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell) violate the last three principles to pack a conservative Supreme Court. We now are witnessing violations of these principles in our president as nearly half the voters supported the most vulgar, racist, inept and corrupt president in American history.

Leading Republicans are mostly silent or complicit (Graham, Ted Cruz) in this outrageous effort to steal another election. Since the days of Ronald Reagan ("Government is the problem") and Newt Gingrich ("Take no prisoner politics"), the Republican Party has devolved into a cabal of greedy gangsters dressed in an ideological veneer of patriotic, Christianized fascism, wielding vast amounts of corporate money to cheat We the People of universal health care, oversight of our police and military foreign policy, controls on climate change, and a list other human needs.

Do not look away from these barbarians at the gates of American democracy.

Dave Benn


Political polling stories should go with horoscopes

After two presidential election cycles of misleading polls, doesn't it make sense for the Times Free Press to scrap these random-sampling surveys?

This created news (not fake or made up, but definitely not actual news) could be replaced by explainer stories that would be far more valuable. Give readers some credit for being less interested in who's ahead and who's behind, and more interested in learning about candidates' plans and how they would affect us.

If you must run these pseudo-scientific snapshots of likely voters' feelings, perhaps you could place them next to the horoscopes, where they belong.

Calvin Beam


Trump administration has failed the American people

The COVID-19 pandemic has played out exactly as the scientists had warned us that it would, word for word, yet the country and largely our county has chosen to fly in the face of that science.

The experts told us that a national mask mandate would help mitigate the spread of the virus and it would have. The experts told us that there would be a second wave of the virus as it got colder and its has arrived. The experts told us that opening bars and restaurants and allowing large gatherings would pervasively spread the virus and it continues to do so.

We as a country without moral leadership and in the midst of a national disaster have continued to stay fully open and have also refused to pass a stimulus package that would have helped small businesses and individuals of both parties. This administration has failed the American people, and once again our only hope is a Democratic president-elect on his way in to save our bacon, yet again.

How many repeated Republican policy failures must Americans endure before we decide, once and for all, to continue on a path of progress for all of our people as well as for our environment?

John Mathna


Trump responsible for virus deaths?

Is Trump responsible for manslaughter?

The definition of manslaughter is a dangerous act negligently causing the death of another person. We now have more than 200,000 deaths in the U.S. directly related to the coronavirus. The bulk of our deceased is related to Trump's gross negligence. He is not responsible for the existence or the deadliness of the coronavirus. However, he is responsible for a bungled response to the virus spread. Is he criminally exposed? Will charges be filed?

Johnny Jones