Trump's lawsuits are his last gasp of desperation

The American poet Edna St. Vincent Millay once wrote, "It's not true that life is one damn thing after another; it's one damn thing over and over." Sure, that's pessimistic but consider the brighter side: It accurately describes President Donald Trump's quixotic use of the courts to prevent his inevitable political fate.

Having failed to persuade voters in key battleground states to support him, Trump's re-election campaign has filed a virtual tsunami of lawsuits claiming widespread impropriety and fraud, according to a report by the nonprofit organization ProPublica.

Describing the efforts as "a frenzied search for a sympathetic judge," Propublica noted that in each of four states — Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona — the campaign filed lawsuits that make essentially the same arguments.

The campaign's incoherent legal strategy is evident in that nearly half of the cases filed since the election have either been withdrawn or dismissed by judges for lack of, you know, evidence.

The campaign's frenzied efforts suggests a paraphrase of a familiar observation: "Life is what happens when you're making plans for another four years in the White House."

Michael Loftin


Sister Cities provide valuable insights

I read the Times Free Press front-page article about Sen. Marsha Blackburn and Sister Cities with interest and concern. Concern because the implications expressed seem not to take into consideration the importance of person-to-person communication so needed in today's world.

All cities which are "sister" to Chattanooga provide each of us with an opportunity to learn of and from each other and are critical to a better understanding of each other. It is something that organizations such as Sister Cities can help achieve.

I have lived in four different countries outside the USA for a total of 31 years. I have worked with people in 27 countries including Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

In the process, I liaised with worldwide headquarters and six other international subsidiary companies serving a customer base in 70 countries. To liaise successfully one relies upon communication and understanding.

Our nation requires more communication and understanding of other people to achieve what is best for us and for others. Without communication and understanding of others, we all will lose something, and that is not in our national best interest.

Chet Tschetter


Time to 'stop the steal' fraud

I have a question for those crying "stop the steal" in the recent election. How many ballots were you given? Two?

I was given only one, and it had both Republican and Democrat candidates for president, Senate, House as well as candidates for local elections. Please explain how you think there was fraud in the presidential election, but not other elections. Democrats lost seats in the House and state legislatures and lost a gubernatorial seat.

How can people counting the ballots give votes to Republican state and local elections but not to the presidential election? If you're still harping on dead people and illegal immigrants voting or people voting twice, you would probably have to go back 200 or more years to make up the more than 5 million votes by which Biden beat Trump.

It's time to stop the steal fraud.

Rebecca Rochat