How do we get over all the name-calling?

The president-elect hit the floor running, so to speak, and called for unity and reconciliation within our country. He chided that the election is over and he is the president of all people and we should work together. Sounds like a good idea, right? However, the Left has spent the last four years calling us racist, deplorable, Marxist, Klan members, liars and clowns, to name a few. And it continues today. How do you get over the name-calling, then agree with their liberal ideas?

I would venture a guess that most of the voters that voted for Biden were not a vote for Biden after all but a vote against Trump. If the voter had bothered to read the platforms of both parties, they could have put up with a few of his Trumpisms and he would have gone in by a landslide.

Joe West


Contractors must play in order to win

Michele Jenkins of Griffin & Strong Consulting speaks of the "good ole boy network" in government contracting. She is not the first to complain in the media about this network and won't be the last. She is too funny. For two decades, I was a participant in this network. The network consists of responsible and qualified contractors. Participation in the network is open to all: men, women, Black and white. Contractors chase work and bid on everything that suits their appetite. When a government entity advertises a project for bid, a contractor has the opportunity to get the bid package containing the contract, plans and specifications. The low and responsible contractor will be awarded the project. Those who don't submit a bid have no chance and can't complain. It's kind of like Bingo. You have to play the game in order to win.

Thomas Blewett

Signal Mountain


Why no credit for 'Warp Speed'?

In the Monday, Nov. 16, 2020, Chattanooga Times editorial, you take President Trump to task over his response to COVID-19. Perhaps he is deserving of some criticism, but for the record — aren't we all? And that would include our president-elect — Joe Biden — would it not? I say that because, based on all of the available information, Biden was even later to the COVID-19 game than was the president. Remember his "xenophobic" accusation of Trump?

Anyway, in your editorial you saw fit to devote an entire paragraph to Pfizer's initial statement that they were "never a part of Operation Warp Speed" and had "never taken any money from the government." Did you not wonder why such antennae-raising statements were made alongside what had to be one of the most important stand-alone announcements in the history of the company? The 90% effective vaccine! Unless politically motivated, their inclusion made little sense. And sure enough, others within the company — knowing Pfizer all along was a member of Operation Warp Speed, and was to receive 1.9 billion taxpayer dollars as a result — were quick to recant them. Yet, you chose to ignore their recantations in your editorial. Please explain.

John R. Brown



Election issues must be adjudicated

In the first presidential debate, Joe Biden promised us he would not declare victory until all of the votes are independently certified. So much for that promise!

There are going to be a lot of legal challenges taking place before this election can be settled. Meanwhile, America can have only one president, and that will be Donald Trump until Jan. 20, 2021.

Irregularities took place in this election, especially in battleground states. Why was voting stopped for several hours in several battleground states on Tuesday night? Why was Trump leading in most battleground states at midnight on Tuesday night, only to have those states suddenly flip to Biden through the night?

Why have some states like Pennsylvania and Georgia changed some of their election laws without the authorization of their state legislatures? Such actions would be clearly unconstitutional! Why have so many states chosen to use Dominion election software and machines when this company operates mostly outside of the U.S. and is known to have produced machines that can easily be manipulated to flip votes?

There are still so many serious issues that have to be adjudicated.

J.L. Johns

Ringgold, Ga.