History will judge Trump poor loser

[President] Trump does not have it in his disposition to admit defeat. His lawyers' claims in courts have been denied for lack of evidence. Even if successful in future attempts, it would not materially affect the Electoral College total obtained by Joe Biden.

Trump unwittingly exasperates his petulant cause. Future generations, as well as many today, will view Trump as a poor loser.

John Bratton



Officers praised for kindness

Thank God that caring and kindness still exist in this troubled world today. Recently, my son was in an auto accident in Soddy-Daisy. The police officers on duty were very efficient, kind and helpful to my son.

Thank you!

Rosebud Taylor


TVFCU still helping STARS serve youth

Raising money during this pandemic has been challenging, as I, a Hamilton County Schools employee who works closely with a small nonprofit, have learned.

Students Taking A Right Stand (STARS) has been here since 1981, helping Hamilton County students reach academic success by fostering a healthier learning environment, building empathy and empowering student leadership.

The STARS board would like to thank the ongoing financial support received from Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union, which has never let us down. The credit union recently held its 24th annual golf tournament benefiting STARS at Black Creek Golf Club. Without hesitation, it agreed to put on the tournament as planned, putting extra safety precautions into place before the first golfer arrived.

Without this fundraiser, STARS would be in jeopardy of closing.

This year shall pass. I hope everyone who benefits from STARS will be grateful it is valued by the community and Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union. Giving back is essential, especially in 2020.

Karen S. Glenn, STARS/Safe Learning


U.S. democracy worked; social justice next

The cavalry did not show up, but the rest of us did. Our democracy actually worked. Who knew? We the People knew.

We also know that our right to vote was exercised despite unnecessary and unwelcome opposition. It is amazing that the Republican Party is forever against "one person, one vote."

One would expect that any democracy worth mentioning would demand easy voting. It would eschew any voter suppression — from long lines to gerrymandering. The Electoral College should probably disband. Campaigns are way too long and too expensive.

The coming of Trump raises concerns. His base has drunk too deeply of the Kool-Aid. Social media wallow in conspiracy theories. Fake news is thought to be reliable.

The Rand Corporation reports the distribution of income over the last two decades favored the top 10% to the tune of $47 trillion. The rest of us (the 90%) lost that. It's clear those numbers demand issues of social justice. The 90% vs the 10% seeking transparency, fairness and truth.

Blake Moore


Trump facing a 'bottomless abyss'

The definition of manslaughter is a dangerous act negligently causing the death of another person. We now have more than 258,000 deaths in the U.S. directly related to the coronavirus. The bulk of the deceased is related to Trump's gross negligence — no national plan to combat the virus. More than 12.5 million and counting have developed the virus.

The U.S. president described the virus as "a Democratic hoax," "like the flu," "we are turning the corner," "it will go away," "a vaccine is coming in a few days." All reckless, thoughtless and harmful statements.

The president received the briefings from his team and was pre-warned that people would die. However, he figuratively continues to keep his knee on the neck of every citizen as the cry goes out, "I can't breathe." He is not responsible for the existence or the deadliness of the coronavirus. However, he is responsible for a bungled response to the virus spread.

Is he criminally exposed? Will charges be filed? Will jail time be levied? The people are drowning in a sea of toxic lies spewed from his mouth. No matter how easily disproved, he says it anyway and the strangest thing — some believe it. Shamefully, Trump is confronting a bottomless abyss.

Johnny Jones



Violence most often begets more violence

For every action, there is a reaction. The nature of the action determines the nature of the reaction. A violent action usually causes a violent reaction. I believe this is likely pertinent to the recent shooting death of Walter Wallace Jr. in Philadelphia.

I was once involved in an incident in Vietnam during my stint as a battalion surgeon with the 173rd Airborne Brigade.

Late one night, I was called to the aid station and arrived to find a very agitated Black infantryman who had been airlifted in because of wild and threatening behavior. The medics were keeping their distance from the soldier, who was pacing, agitated, wild-eyed, fists clenched.

I'd never been in such a situation and was frightened. I could call the military police to have him restrained, but he was so distraught that I feared that would make things worse. I started talking to him, assured him that I was going to help him. I would get him to a safe place. A helicopter would take him to a new psychiatric facility, recently opened to address the terrible psychiatric costs of that war. I was surprised and relieved to see him calm down. He quietly got on the helicopter; my hope is that he got home safely after risking his life for his country.

The shooting death of Wallace reminded me of that night in Vietnam. I wonder if psychiatric nonviolent help for him might not have resulted in a nonviolent reaction, resulting in life rather than death.

Dr. Buzz Sienknecht


Beware Biden, Dems' tax cut reversals

For those who have heard only those making $400,000+ will experience a tax increase, read between the lines. Biden has expressed that he will eliminate the Trump tax cuts. This will raise taxes for everyone, to where they were before the tax cuts were implemented.

This would be a tax increase for all.

Most small business owners start their businesses to reach a level of success warranting six-digit incomes. That is the American Dream most wish to achieve. In addition to providing jobs and good products, the goal is to make an income that rewards their investment and risk-taking.

Why would I want to start a business, knowing that I will be penalized for taking the gamble on pursuing my dreams? More taxation is not an incentive for individuals wanting to improve their lives and the economy.

Raising the minimum wage has the same effect. Of course, the Democratic platform would rather us not have to worry about such matters. In a socialist economy, dreams of individual success are mute. Those in the government will decide who gets what. Look for them to also tell you what your dream job will be and how it is best for all.

Tim Davenport