Done with Rs and Ds; both are 'scoundrels'

We have before us the spectacle of two political parties. On one hand there's the Republican — a megalomaniac narcissistic baby — and on the other a Democrat, a doddering, addled and mentally lost candidate unworthy of being a city councilman, much less a president.

This is what the two parties have decided meets the interests of Americans. One party in the grasp of the loony-left cancel culture, rioting and looting, and anti-free speech, and the other in the clutches of religious fundamentalism, drug wars, military intervention and scientific illiteracy. Both parties are morally bankrupt and financially irresponsible.

It is the politicians of both parties who are the scoundrels with a Congress bought by lobbyists, special interests and international money that have brought the American public this debacle.

Let's have more debates, not fewer. See that the difference between Tweedledee and Tweedledum is imaginary. Neither should be president. Both parties' continuing cesspool stink is overwhelming.

I'm striking a match. I'll not be voting for either Republicans or Democrats. I'm done with them. There are alternatives. That's where I'm going.

Stephen Greenfield

Cleveland, Tennessee


Democrats, Biden will not serve USA well

Joe Biden has spent his career in Washington, but what has he accomplished? Nothing, other than getting wealthy.

He and running mate, Kamala Harris want to increase your taxes, implement a so-called Green New Deal, decrease funding to police, and open borders. Biden wants to restore federal funding to Planned Parenthood, make post-secondary education free for all — which would diminish the value of our degrees. They oppose Second Amendment rights. These left-wing ideas will be very detrimental.

Biden and his son had shady business dealings with China and Ukraine. Hunter Biden received millions of dollars from Ukraine for participation on the board of Burisma. Biden has gotten rich while in government and is part of the Democratic Party, which has an established record of lying to the public. Think: "You can keep your doctor," and "I did not have relations with that woman."

You don't have to vote Democrat just because you have always voted that way. That was the way our grandfathers voted. But times have changed.

Vote against Biden and Harris. We don't need these radical ideas!

Wilma Holbrook


No Nobel for peace; maybe for economics

"Donald J. Trump" and "Nobel Peace Prize" should never be in the same sentence unless there's a big not in the middle.

His actions in the Middle East don't qualify as addressing the problem there that has existed since 1947. Getting Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and the Saudis — all countries dependent on U.S. protection and/or weapons — to agree to accept Israel isn't much of a stretch.

He has total ignored the Palestinians, who have had to watch him move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and approve of Israeli expansions into the West Bank.

Like all of his deals, what he's done is more business-like than diplomatic. Give him the prize for economics.

Grady Burgner



How sick with COVID-19 before calling for 911 help?

If I am ever infected COVID-19, I want to know at what point in my subsequent illness should I phone for an ambulance.

I have no idea as to how severely sick I have to be in order for a 911 operator to send my address to the proper emergency personnel and ambulance.

Harry Geller