Control health care; control the people

What is an effective way to promote climate change, hate for Trump and vaccines?

Fear, crashing the economy and manipulation. Make sure people stay put, do not do business as usual, or travel. If it's worldwide, carbon dioxide levels can decrease and the manipulators can sell vaccines.

Remember what the communist Saul Alinsky said: Control health care and you control the people. What did Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi, say? Repeat lies often enough, and they become the truth. The news daily states the death rate of COVID-19, but in many cases the numbers are skewed.

Why doesn't the news state that the number of deaths is under 1% of positive cases and more than 99% recover? They want the fear factor to manipulate, blame Trump for the virus and sell vaccines.

Many questions need to be answered; many people need to be investigated.

Lin Crossland


We go to school for self-knowledge

As we debate issues in our school system, it is useful to consider the purpose of education.

When you go to school, you are not engaged so much in acquiring knowledge as in making mental efforts under criticism. With average faculties, you can acquire and retain a certain amount of knowledge; however, you should not regret the hours you spent on much that is forgotten, for the shadow of lost knowledge at least protects you from many illusions.

But you go to school, not for knowledge but for arts and habits; for the habit of attention, for the art of expression, for the art of assuming at a moment's notice a new intellectual posture, for the art of quickly entering into another person's thoughts, for the habit of submitting to censure and refutation, for the art of indicating assent or dissent in graduated terms, for the habit of regarding minute points of accuracy, for the habit of working out what is possible in a given time, and for taste, discrimination, mental courage and mental soberness.

Most importantly, you go to school for self-knowledge.

John J. Sabourin Jr.


I'm sticking with my exaggerator in chief

The left continues to accuse the president of lying. Any lies the president may have told are pale in comparison to what the Democrats threw out during their convention and this subsequent campaign. So, if you go by the Democrats' standard for lying, the president does not lie. He may say something in jest. He may say something jokingly. He may exaggerate. He may use satire and humor.

Let's assume the president does lie. Which had you rather have, this president of many successes or a president (and vice president) who wants open borders, wants to let illegal aliens have the same rights and government entitlements as citizens, and thinks rioting, damaging property and tearing cities apart are just protesting. Not to mention their support of abortion, defunding the police, repeal of the Second Amendment, blanket prisoner releases, disregard of the Constitution and higher taxes.

Think about that as you go to the polls.

Joe West


Trump just plays a president on TV

The New York Times report about President Trump's finances revealed what many people have known for a long time — that he is a fraud, a fake and a conman who has taken the United States down the same path as he did his businesses, nowhere near as successful as he claims. He has a long history of corporate bankruptcy and using his losses to avoid paying taxes. He hasn't drained the D.C. swamp; he just brought his NYC swamp with him. He has used the office of the presidency to further enhance his business dealings. Everything he does as president serves himself and his business interests, not the country.

He is not a leader because he has no leadership qualities. He is not a dealmaker, he is a deal-breaker. He has no credibility, no compassion, no humility, no wisdom, no class, no comprehension of sacrifice or duty, no sense of humor, although he is laughable. And he is no president, he just plays one on TV.

Rebecca Rochat


Put your trust in the right hands

We Americans need to humble ourselves (it's about time), pray (always) and seek his face (wouldn't you love to find it?).

Then the Lord will hear from heaven, and heal our land (including the virus). We know what to do, so let's do it!

Wear a mask. What is so hard about that? Wash your hands every time you pass a sink. And stay away from people (just till this is over). Then we'll have a "Hug Day."

Honor and obey our medical leaders. They know what to tell us. Use your own pen when signing and your own utensils at a buffet.

Put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. After all, he is the one in charge.

Marge McNutt

Signal Mountain


Outrage is felt at Trump's 'we'll see'

Outrage. Our president raises the specter of his difficulty in accepting the results of our democratic election. Transfer of power in a peaceful manner is key to our democracy and is now being questioned by Trump. When I first heard his diatribe, I thought he must be kidding. But no, he kept reiterating that "we'll see." If I recall history, a number of dictatorships started that way by questioning an election.

Outrage is actually too mild a reaction, but I am at a loss for the appropriate characterization. Where are the Republican senators in demonstrating their outrage? Maybe the old refrain "Boys will be boys!" could be used by them. I am outraged for lack of a better term. Vote.

Irv Ginsburg


Big changes needed if abortion outlawed

Our country's focus today seems to be centered around our Supreme Court and whether Roe v. Wade will be overturned with the appointment of another conservative justice. The pro-life movement has been wanting this for years. While this might be a political and legal victory for them, will making abortions illegal really stop them from happening? I think it would be naïve to think it will. I believe abortions will continue because we are not addressing their root causes.

If the pro-life group is serious about ending abortions and being for life — all life — then I believe all of us need to have a serious discussion on how to address its causes. What can we do as a government and as a people to create an environment where the woman wants to give birth to that child? Who will take care of that child? How will we take care of them to ensure they get the health care and education they will need to become productive citizens? We must have this discussion and be committed to doing what it takes, regardless of any decision on Roe v. Wade.

Mark Dmochowski

Apison, Tennessee


Investments by rich aid 'less fortunate'

To judge whether President Trump has paid enough taxes, you must compare his tax returns to those of similarly wealthy persons, say, the CEOs of CNN, Google, Microsoft and Facebook.

But what is truly fascinating is: "How do those people justify their immense wealth?"

I believe the answer to that is they do not, and cannot. No person can spend millions of dollars on their personal pleasures. Instead they find themselves investing, and the investments pour money back into the capitalist system, supporting thousands of "less fortunate" citizens. Carpenters, electricians, dishwashers, small business owners of every kind — the rest of us — all benefit from the investments of the wealthy.

Is this good? Is it fair?

The alternative? Take money away from the wealthy and give it to those less fortunate. That has various names like "communism" or "socialism," but nasty old human greed rears its ugly head there too — and those systems end up as unfair as capitalism!

Bill Laudeman

Red Bank