Debate solution: Bring out the 'Cone of Silence'

I have a suggestion for the next presidential debate (if there is one): Bring back "The Cone of Silence" from the 1960's sitcom "Get Smart."

The candidates will be able to yell, insult and interrupt each other and save the American people the embarrassment of the first debate.

The amount of information about the candidates and their positions on issues will be about the same as the first debate. Silence is golden.

Ken Maury


Stealing signs a symbol of politics as gutter sport

We would like to express our extreme disappointment in the tenor of political discourse in the United States and in our local area.

Politics has evolved into a gutter sport where opposing political views are challenged not with reasonable debate but with intimidating narratives and in some cases illegal actions.

Within the last week, we have had three signs stolen from our yard showing our support for former Vice President Joe Biden to be our 46th president of the United States. Two of the signs were within 10 feet of our front door.

We have many friends and family who do not support our choice. We do, however, support and respect their right to use their voice to vote for our current president. In fact, their choice will not cause a fracture in our relationships.

For the person(s) who committed this illegal act both in the eyes of God and the Criminal Code of Georgia, please take time to study your Bible and read one of God's Ten Commandments in the Book of Exodus 20:15, "You shall not steal." Please exercise your right to vote!

Jim and Irene Staub

Chickamauga, Georgia


A vote for Biden is urgent, necessary

This is an urgent message for my fellow Democrats and all responsible citizens of Tennessee.

I know it can feel pointless to cast a ballot for a Democratic candidate in this state.

But I implore you to get out and vote for Joe Biden. It is imperative that we create a landslide in the popular vote that even Donald Trump cannot dismiss. Stop Trump's assault on our democracy.

Diane Young


Trohanis suggested for Walden mayor

We strongly support Bill Trohanis for mayor of Walden. Under his leadership, the town and its three jewels (Pumpkin Patch, McCoy Farms and Bachmann Center) have thrived in spite of the lost revenue from the state Hall tax.

He is a good steward of the Walden spirit, which maintains that the smaller the government the better. It is not uncommon to find him on almost a daily basis either mowing grass at McCoy or solving some problem at the Town Hall.

The new firehall, due in large part to input from Mayor Trohanis, is an attractive addition to the town. The site for the new proposed Village Center (formerly Lines Orchids) is currently an eyesore, and with Bill's leadership, it will be every bit as nice.

Beverley and Frank Groves

Signal Mountain