Paper masks less than ideal in COVID fight

I worked in pipe and steel fabrication. Worked in chemical plants, power plants, refineries and such. You'd be laughed out of the gate if you showed up with that paper mask junk.

If you breathe, cough or sneeze, it's coming out and going into the air around you. When you breathe in, you pull in what's in the air. These masks do not seal off on your face.

The virus is said to move on thermal air movement. If true, the virus can also get in your eyes. Guess what? Your eyes are connected to your snooter, therefore a virus can enter your body via the eye.

Notice how your glasses fog up. The masks leak.

There is no validity to what they are pushing on us. What politicians have proved is they can force us into a herd and control us.

If masks worked, cases of COVID-19 would go down.

Herbert Braswell


Mayor Trohanis deserves re-election in Walden

It was surprising to see opposition to Mayor Trohanis' re-election as mayor of Walden given the great job he's doing. His leadership has produced many improvements, the least of which are the attractive signs designating our town limits. He pays attention to detail.

Improvements include, but are not limited to: street paving, new fire hall, trails and gardens at McCoy Farm, Pumpkin Patch improvements, code enforcement officer, snow plow to use in bad weather. The list goes on.

The mayor manages the town budget well despite the loss of thousands of dollars in tax revenue. He is a great steward of our affairs.

There's no question new revenues will be needed in the future when we lose the Hall income tax revenue. This tax accounts for about a third of our tax revenues.

His effort to develop the grocery complex is wonderful. It will bring in $200,000 a year. This will keep our taxes down. Our mayor is exceptional. He needs to be retained. A vote for Trohanis is a vote for a better future in Walden.

Delores V. Markham

Signal Mountain


Biden must win to protect democracy

Indifference to others' pain and suffering is one of Mr. Trump's characteristics, as evidenced during the COVID-19 crisis.

For example, he chose and continues to ignore, even ridicule, statistical evidence of the efficacy of wearing masks and practicing social distancing. Thousands of the deceased would still be alive had Mr. Trump acted responsibly and encouraged the uses of those protective measures, especially by setting an example.

What is wrong with the American public? Where are the protests of the masses, the outcries at the slaughtering of us? We go along as if nothing horrendous is taking place.

It appears that many millions of us are ignorant and smug, a situation upon which Mr. Trump obviously relies to more than counteract his blatant immorality in order to emerge victorious next month.

Despotic forces are rapidly infiltrating and destroying our democratic system. For example, plainclothes unidentified government officials now harass citizens. Our president ignores and defies our laws without repercussion.

It is vital that Mr. Biden win the presidency. The survival of our democracy could well depend on it.

Dr. A. Sheldon Gelburd