Biden's criticisms reveal his hypocrisy

We are witnessing the most colossal and blatant case of hypocrisy of a lifetime. The world is watching and most recognize it as such. Has the Democratic Party lost any sense of shame?

Joe Biden has accused President Trump of not doing enough to fight COVID-19. His intent of course is to blame all the deaths on the president.

President Trump acted within 10 days to implement restrictions to control the spread of the virus. Meanwhile "Sleepy Joe" was charging the president with being paranoid and over-reacting. It took Joe three more months to admit that there even was a problem. President Trump had to bail out two woefully unprepared Democratic states by providing Navy hospital ships, temporary hospitals, ventilators, and PPE. The governors of two Democratic states openly praised the President for his assistance.

The open media coverage of Joe's hypocrisy is self-convicting. This activity may also very well prove to be self-defeating, if enough people see through the facade.

Luther Brown


Fleischmann, Gardenhire deserve re-election

There are two men running as the Republican Party nominees who I believe you will do well in voting for.

Those two men are U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann and state Sen. Todd Gardenhire. These two men in a lot of different areas bring their expertise to help Tennessee run as a well-oiled machine.

On the federal level, Rep. Fleischmann is on the House Appropriations Committee, and Sen. Gardenhire is on Tennessee Senate Finance Committee chaired by another respected Hamilton County state senator, Bo Watson.

Both men, in their respected positions, bring conservative business principles to government leadership. I know these men, and I am proud to ask you to join me in voting for Chuck Fleischmann and Todd Gardenhire on Nov. 3.

Brandon Newell

Evensville, Tennessee


Free Press editorial misfires on Trump taxes

I was totally dumbfounded by the Sept. 29 Free Press editorial about Trump's taxes.

First, why would a newspaper editorial page attack the credibility of another newspaper? Why should we believe the Chattanooga Times Free Press if we do not believe The New York Times?

Second, it sounded like the Free Press page attacked the messenger because the editorial writer could not argue against the message.

Third, the Free Press argued that The New York Times made up the story because they did not release their source material. I am positive that the story was published only after the writers convinced the entire legal staff that they have sufficient evidence to prove their assertions in a court of law. No newspaper will publish a story that says the president is an incompetent businessman, a tax cheat or both unless it can prove it. The Free Press editorial writer knows this but still tried to discredit The New York Times story as "truthiness".

Jim Olson


'Silent' Trump voters likely a myth in 2020

I keep hearing and reading commentary from people who proclaim that there is an enormous "silent majority" out there waiting anxiously to vote for Donald Trump. According to them, the millions of Trump's secret supporters are afraid to make their position known, but they are ready to pack into the polling places and give him a landslide vote for a second term. There may well be some Trumpers here and there who prefer to keep quiet about him, but they certainly aren't a majority, silent or otherwise.

I have yet to meet or see a Trump supporter who shows any fear whatsoever about making his or her support obvious. They are actually proud of the man and proud of themselves for supporting him. It's shameful for them. I hope that someday, after justice has taken its course and history has made its judgment clear, they will realize that shame and do suitable penance. But I'm not holding my breath.

David Cofield

LaFayette, Georgia