Gov. Bill Lee should denounce extremists

Will Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee make a statement about the recent attempt to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer?

Why hasn't he said publicly that domestic terrorism will not be tolerated in this state or in this country? There are numerous extreme right-wing groups right here in Tennessee with familiar names like Proud Boys or Boogaloo Boys, not to mention groups that don't make their names known.

He should speak up because this could happen in our state. He needs to lead and take a stand against these thugs. Don't let this event go by just because she's a Democrat. This isn't about party; it's about our country.

Mary Ann Bryant


Trohanis would work for Walden residents

Many of us who live in Walden are in bad need of another grocery store.

At least those of us whose income is not even close to the median income of Walden. Walden's median income is thousands of dollars less than that in Signal Mountain. Many of us work hard and want no charity. Some live only on Social Security and other work they can get.

Some have sick relatives and find it hard to go off the mountain for groceries. They wouldn't have to if we had another grocery store.

It's for this reason I strongly support Mayor Bill Trohanis for re-election.

It makes no sense to do otherwise. I would think everyone would want to vote for the person who wants to help them. That's Bill Trohanis. He has been a great mayor. Let's keep him.

Mike Finnell

Signal Mountain


Walden's future best served by Lee Davis

I support Lee Davis for mayor of Walden. Responsible development of our town is the focus of his campaign.

One of my primary concerns about the proposed and pending Food City business complex in Walden is its effect on our entire community.

We already have a grocery store on Signal Mountain. Can our mountain really support two grocery stores? I fear we cannot. Really — we cannot even keep viable three fast food businesses — McDonalds, Taco Bell and Hardees.

We are two separate towns, Signal Mountain and Walden, but we are one community. Signal Mountain already rejected this development.

I fully expect one of these two groceries to go out of business. Our community will be stuck with a huge empty building. It will be a blight on our entire community. Let us visualize that among some already vacant business locations.

Please support Lee Davis for mayor of Walden. He will favor development that is consistent with and enhances our entire mountain community.

I urge my fellow Walden citizens to vote for Lee Davis and I ask my Signal Mountain neighbors to encourage their Walden friends to vote for Lee Davis.

Dona Smith



Kamala Harris is a force to reckon with

Armed with the truth and sparkling personality, Kamala Harris demonstrates "how it is done."

Notwithstanding the inevitable post-debate critiques offered up by the "TV talking heads," one has to question their bravado and or/appreciation for what was happening.

As a retired trial lawyer, I can testify to the futility of challenging Kamala Harris. Better to recognize her twinkling talent ... relax ... and enjoy.

Blake Moore