GOP fails to distinguish 'getting,' 'giving' virus

For six months, the days of COVID-19 have marched forward, each day offering new surprises and a never-ending whirlwind of dysfunction, with political ideologies suffocating common sense and virus-controlling gestures. Until now.

Now, the lowest common denominator of political ideology has emerged, and the stupidity of it is monumental.

Specifically, Pennsylvania Republican state Rep. Daniel Moul, according to The Associated Press, has declared that his refusal to engage in the simple gesture of regularly wearing a mask is based on his belief that "when it's my turn to get it, I'm going get it, whether I'm wearing a mask or not."

What this elected leader selfishly and completely omits to acknowledge is the flip-side to the concept of his "turn to get" COVID-19.

What he fails to acknowledge is when it is his turn to "give" it. This purported leader of citizens could, by wearing a mask, skip his selfish turn to give someone else the virus.

The depraved selfishness of this elected official's remarks demonstrates a new low in American pandemic leadership.

And it's not over yet.

Michael Mallen


Replace Trump to restore USA prestige

Our country needs an experienced statesman as president, not an ignorant buffoon who cozies up to dictators and likes to pretend he is one.

Restore our country's prestige in the world. Vote for Joe Biden.

Dennis Murphy


Who has read the King Donald Bible version?

I can't help but laugh when I read or hear someone say God put Trump in office.

Trump said he's never prayed because he's never done anything wrong. I guess lying, fraud and adultery are allowed in his eyes. You are praying to the wrong God when praying for him and Melania. Trump only worships himself; God has no idea who he is.

I've never read the Kind Donald version of the Bible that Trump supporters live by, but in the King James Version, I believe that the anti-Christ dies and comes back like Jesus. Could it be Trump's supporters have been worshiping the anti-Christ? Could Trump be faking this to get out of another debate? I put nothing past this man. How can you get sick from a hoax?

Whenever I visit a friend that supports Trump, I'm only going to see Fox News 24/7. The five latest issues of National Enquirer are proudly displayed on the coffee table. After reading them. I'm more worried about catfish waking out of the water swallowing people than I am about mail-in voter fraud.

Tony Borders


Masks have become a symbol of despair

Not too long ago, a person's status could easily be judged by his or her clothes, jewels, car, home, etc. In other words, things equaled recognition, power. Yet it didn't necessarily make a political statement. You weren't sure how they leaned, left or right.

All that has changed with the use of coronavirus masks. We are being bombarded daily with endless videos of people wearing masks. Vendors are making untold millions from mask sales, and the average consumer is being told they must wear one at all times, though most are ineffective.

Even though COVID-19 hospitalizations and death rates have nearly bottomed out, Democrat "news" reporters are always seen wearing masks. Often there is no one within 30 feet of them, including the camera operator. But the mask has become a political symbol of pessimism, fear and despair — tools of the liberal left. Anything that makes voters afraid to socialize in any way is used repeatedly.

According to most medical experts not named Fauci, the simple truth is that a mask should be worn inside if you are close to strangers. They are rarely needed outside. The statistics speak for themselves, period.

John Bergen