Trohanis ideal choice to secure Walden's future

Bill Trohanis is the ideal choice for mayor of the town of Walden.

Bill has been mayor here for five years, and during that time he has proven, with his tireless devotion and uncounted hours in service, that he is able to better our community.

He has been and is willing and able to continue to lead us while working basically full-time to do whatever is needed.

Bill is someone who listens intently to all residents' ideas. And then it's his ability to formulate a plan for the future of the town which allows him to stand out as the best choice.

Bill's hard-working, hands-on approach to improve the Pumpkin Patch and McCoy Farm speak volumes to his love and dedication to keep Walden the safe, beautiful, family- oriented small town that we love.

Vote for Bill. He won't let you down.

Barb and Tom Reynolds


Walden needs Lee Davis for responsible growth

The current mayor of Walden, Bill Trohanis, is a likeable person and deserves credit for several town successes. However, he has shown poor judgment on key matters during his tenure.

Six years ago, he advocated carving up the perimeter of the McCoy Farm and Gardens and selling residential lots. Next he promoted locating the WRES complex on five acres of the McCoy land. The mayor's plan would have harmed key parts of the McCoy property, including its grounds and trail.

In early 2019, Mayor Trohanis finally reacted to the loss of the Hall tax revenues. Rather than support an established community land-use plan for Taft Highway, he pushed a poorly conceived strip center development that would increase costs (policing, traffic, drainage, etc.) to the town and unleash commercial sprawl. The value of our homes would suffer from the unattractive commercial strip center.

The careless development of the strip center promoted by the mayor risks our town's future. Vice Mayor Lee Davis has the knowledge and skill to pragmatically guide the town with responsible and cohesive development. He has lived in Walden for 25 years and respects Walden's traditions. Lizzy Schmidt, a candidate for alderwoman, advocates the same responsible development.

Joe W. Robbins Sr.


Low-information voters are unneeded at the polls

A recent letter to the editor sheds light on why low-information voters should not vote.

The suggestion by the writer is for President Trump to be docked seven days' basic salary and it be donated to the Wounded Warriors Project.

President Donald Trump already donates his $400,000 salary to charity. Heaven help us from voters like this.

Beverly Bowman


Donald Trump is not the leader America wants

Our president lies! He goes against advice from experts. He doesn't love America, only himself.

He has made COVID-19 virus worse. More people have died because of his selfishness. He is a threat to people's health and well-being. He blames others for his mistakes and takes credit for what others have done for good. He uses ugly words and criticizes people on TV. Is this the president we want? Absolutely not! Vote early and dump Trump.

Marge McNutt

Signal Mountain