Biden characterizes D.C. swamp creatures

Now that the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop are revealed by the New York Post, I have no doubt that the Biden family is up to its ears in political corruption. Big Media and Big Tech (Facebook and Twitter) are doing their best to either ignore or suppress this story.

The media has used every means to attack President Trump for the past four years, and yet their candidate (yes, Biden is the media's candidate) is now fully exposed as nothing more than a typical crooked politician who uses his office to enrich himself and his family.

Should Joe Biden be elected president, I am sure that all of this will be swept under the rug. Hopefully, the American electorate will see Joe Biden for what he really is and deny him the presidency this November.

James Nelson



Vote for Gorman for the children

When big money shapes federal policy, people with no voice get left behind. An egregious example of that is how we are failing our children through financial neglect and political cowardice.

As for neglect, look no further than our public schools. The GOP's determination to funnel tax dollars into private schools is part of a decades-long effort to disinvest from public education under the guise of fiscal conservatism.

As for cowardice, look at our gun laws — or lack thereof. Congress's refusal to stand up to the NRA and pass popular, common-sense gun legislation — even after the massacre of 6- and 7-year-olds at Sandy Hook — is powerful testimony to how money trumps morality.

If we want our government to work for us, we must elect leaders who refuse to be bought. Meg Gorman, who is running to represent us in Congress, has vowed not to accept corporate PAC money and not to let lobbyists write her legislation.

Visit and read her plan for modernizing and reinvesting in public education, and for refining our gun laws to keep firearms out of the hands of dangerous people. Then vote for Meg — for our children's sake.

Gail McKeel


Young Republicans back Fleischmann, Gardenhire

I have the privilege of serving as the chairman of the Bradley County Young Republicans. There are two individuals I would like to take a moment to speak about during this early voting period — U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann and state Sen. Todd Gardenhire. These men have served our communities and their districts well for many years, and we need to send them back for a few more. I talk to Young Republican leaders across our region, and we always hear one thing: They don't feel they have a voice with some of their representatives. This is not the case here. Both will pick up the phone when I call, and most times they can be found at every public event supporting our communities and their leaders.

It is said in elections that young people don't vote. Well, not this time. If you are age 18 to 40, join me in voting for Chuck Fleischmann and Todd Gardenhire and the rest of our Republican nominees and incumbents.

Hunter R. Shamblin

Cleveland, Tennessee