Coronavirus facts absolve the president

To deflect attention from the fact that it is devoid of any real solutions to make Americans' lives better, it is obvious that a key strategy of the Biden campaign is to pin the coronavirus on President Trump. Before you are the least bit swayed by this ruse, let's revisit the facts from the early days of this pandemic:

* Jan. 21: 1st confirmed case of coronavirus in the U.S.

* Jan. 31: Trump suspends travel from China to the U.S. Is this the move of someone who is trying to "downplay" the virus, as Trump's critics have falsely claimed?

* Feb. 24: The Democratic speaker of the House walks the streets of San Francisco's Chinatown unmasked, shaking hands and embracing members of the community and exclaims "everything is fine here." There was no condemnation by Joe Biden or any of the Democratic activist media.

* March 11: New York City's Democratic mayor declares people should still be dining out and "going about their lives if they are not sick."

* March 12: Trump declares a European travel ban.

* March 13: Trump declares the coronavirus a national emergency.

How can anyone begin to put the blame for any of this on Trump?

Dan Sawyer

Signal Mountain


Coppinger praised for virus efforts

Mayor Jim Coppinger deserves our thanks.

Our Hamilton County mayor has done as much, I believe, as is within his power as a county mayor to protect us from the coronavirus. Counties in Tennessee are a branch of state government, and as such have to follow most state mandates. Mayor Coppinger has kept the mask mandate in place, which has helped to protect us. We owe him our thanks.

Don Loftis



BLM movement seeks to divide

It is either clever or ignorant to support Black Lives Matter. BLM burns down Black-owned businesses, hinders Black Americans from becoming successful and vandalizes churches. It is like what another white violent group did years back.

A friend, an Army captain who fought in the Gulf War, was angered when called a Black American. He explained the importance of being an American, not a subculture; the importance to unify, not divide, as BLM wishes to do.

I am a Vietnam and Iranian hostage rescue attempt veteran. I saw the Special Forces soldiers deployed, and I was proud. I and fellow veterans of many backgrounds were treated with the same disrespect the Democrats and BLM treat the police. This is wrong.

When I see a BLM sign, it reminds me of the prejudice veterans suffered, now imposed by BLM on the police and successful Black Americans and other Americans.

I am an American. All Americans' lives matter. We should strive to better and build ourselves up, not tear down and hate.

William Chimiak

Signal Mountain


Trump has played with truth too long

Trump says he didn't want us to panic about the deadly virus, so he played it down.

Did he also play down the threat of Russia meddling in our election? Does he also play down the biggest internal terrorist threat to our country — white nationalism? Does he also play down the threat of voter suppression in our elections? Does he play down police killing unarmed Black people?

Does he play up the few instances of violence caused by distractors from the protests? Does he play up the danger of immigrants? How can anybody believe this pretender? His playing with the truth has had lethal consequences We all should panic.

Emily Brawley