Our vote must be a spiritual decision

"Every decision is a spiritual decision!"

I first heard this 40 years ago, and I've seen the truth of it confirmed countless times since. In some way, to some degree, each decision you or I make implicitly or explicitly reflects the extent to which we acknowledge, know and trust God.

Elections are decisions we each make. Each vote for each candidate reflects a decision about God by the individual who casts it. Every election reflects what a plurality of a nation, state, county or community is deciding about God — who he is, what he says and our willingness to trust his ways versus ours.

What will your 2020 votes say about your relationship with God? Will your votes reflect our nation's desperate need for his blessing and guidance? Or will they say we can simply trust government programs and regulation, education, science, technology, deficit spending, etc., to solve our problems?

Will each candidate for whom you vote increase or decrease people's freedom to follow God? Will the candidate's policies and programs lead to more of God's righteous, impartial judgment on us — or more of his gracious blessing?

Without God, America has no soul.

Bernard Ritterbush

Ringgold, Georgia


Democrats have divided the country

I hesitated writing because as my mother used to say, you can't argue with a sign post. To my Democratic friends, when are you going to realize the Democratic Party is not what it was 30-40 years ago? Since 2016, the Democrats have done more to divide this country than our president ever thought about doing. From the time he became president, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, George Soros and other left-wingers have tried to destroy him.

One editorial said we have to elect Biden/Harris, that they will change the direction of this country. There is a lot of truth in that. I don't think left-wingers understand the direction they will lead us. I don't understand where all the hate comes from — for a group of so-called Americans to wish the president of the United States would die from the virus. That is sick, my friends. The question was also asked, "What does that say about me if I support President Trump?" It makes me a hard-working, tax-paying deplorable who loves this country, and I do not want to see it turned over to a bunch of left-wing socialist Democrats and see it destroyed.

Jerry Walls

Lookout Valley


Thanks for senior voting treatment

We want to thank the Hamilton County Election Commission, the city of Chattanooga, the Chattanooga Police Department and the poll workers at the Amnicola Highway voting location for the kind and gracious treatment we were given when we voted recently.

Both of us are in our 80s, and although we were happy to see the large turnout at the polls, we knew that standing in line for hours would be a challenge. When we arrived, a Chattanooga Police officer voluntarily escorted us to the front of the line, where a poll worker took us through the process. The people standing in line were very cheerful and accepting. We voted and were back in our car in 20 minutes.

We thank everyone involved for their kindness and consideration.

Prestine and Hunter Huckabay


Voters, reject the carnival barker

In the presidential election of 2020, the American people have the choice of one of two roads (to borrow from Robert Frost).

In the 2016 election between Trump and Hillary Clinton, Trump was an unknown quantity, and Clinton was a known and damaged quantity. The voters decided to go with Trump, though not by a majority of the voters.

In the 2020 election, if the voters decide to take the road of re-electing Trump, no more can his supporters throw out the refrain "the office will bestow presidential qualities on him." After almost four years, we know that is not true; once a carnival barker, always a carnival barker. Trump has turned the office of the president of the United States into a carnival midway show. If his road is taken, the last four years will be just a preview of the next four of his consistent lying, disrespecting of people who disagree with him, refusing to consider and listen to individuals who are expert in their chosen fields. Why should he? After all, has he not told us repeatedly how smart he is? Whichever road the voters take, it will make "all the difference."

Archie Thurman


We have choices; why not Libertarian?

Most Americans would find it unacceptable if they were told they could only get their news from NBC or CBS. Or if in the market for a new truck — only Ford or Toyota.

As Americans we refute any notion of limited choices except when it comes to electing the president of these United States. Then it seems people buy into the idea "I can either vote Republican or Democrat." Both tell you a third party has no place in our political process. As a result, in this election we have two old men throwing insults at each other. Those are your choices, America. Don't look anywhere else.

If you are upset with this, it is time to look at the Libertarian Party. Dr. Jo Jorgensen is the Libertarian candidate for president. She is a college professor, married mother of two and owns her own technology business. Everyone will tell you she can't win against the millions of dollars the Republicans and Democrats are putting up. And if no one votes for her, she can't win. But wouldn't it be refreshing to vote for someone instead of voting against someone and their antiquated politics?

Suzanne Eltz

Pikeville, Tennessee


The time is now for Meg Gorman

If there has ever been a time to vote for person over party, it is now. If there has ever been a time to vote for a fresh voice over a lobbyist rubber stamp, it is now. If there has ever been a time to vote for a courageous leader — not afraid to debate, not afraid to work alongside her constituents, not afraid of her opponent — it is now, and Meg Gorman is that courageous, young candidate running for Tennessee's 3rd Congressional District.

I was a teacher where Meg attended high school. The main opinion her former teachers and classmates share about her is that they are not surprised Meg is running for Congress. Her enthusiasm and desire to create positive change was apparent then, and is driving her now.

As a team leader in a grocery store chain, Meg understands that people struggle to make their money stretch for the basics. Her progressive platform promotes issues that will help families live more productively: living wages, affordable housing, quality schools, health care.

If there has ever been a time to focus on the better candidate for your community, it is now, and it is Meg Gorman.

Candy Corneliussen