Stop blaming women for fatherless households

In his Oct. 18 column about fatherless households, Larry Elder made some good points with statistics to back up his opinion. However, he put the blame on us females.

The solution is to make males responsible.

At birth, instead of circumcision, males get a vasectomy. Or, at puberty. This procedure is easily reversible when one decides to be a father.

SueCarol Elvin


Davis will support proper development

I support Lee Davis for mayor of Walden because Lee will guide Walden into the future with responsible growth and development. He believes that Walden needs cohesive commercial development that follows a land-use plan.

During his service on the town board, Vice Mayor Davis has demonstrated a thoughtful approach to all matters. He is willing to take the time to understand the issues. He listens to all of us and takes our opinions and concerns into account.

When the divisive strip center development (including supermarket, fuel center, and commercial buildings) was proposed for the Lines Orchids property, Vice Mayor Davis cautioned against rushing into quick decisions. He urged citizen involvement in the preparation of a land-use plan that would guide Walden's growth and commercial development while preserving Walden's unique character.

Unfortunately, Mayor Trohanis refused to plan first. He voted to waive all the design regulations in the Walden's Village Center zone and approve the proposed strip development as a "Village Center." That sort of decision making will destroy the unique character of Walden.

Let's join together and elect a mayor who will take the time to do things right. Let's elect Lee Davis.

Keith Barry, Signal Mountain


Trump has made a mess of things

Trump promised a replacement for Obamacare, Mexico would build the wall, we would pay off the national debt and eliminate the trade deficit, which didn't happen. And the swamp only got drained by Trump's associates going to jail.

Trump's appointed Supreme Court justice Neil Gorsuch voted with the liberals on abortion and gay rights. Kim Jong Un still has a nuclear program, and American companies are still offshoring jobs while getting tax breaks. By 2027, the richest 1% will have received 83% of Trump's tax cut while our tax cut will be long gone.

U.S. Department of Labor statistics show Obama's last three years of job growth beat all of Trump's best years. The federal budget deficit for 2020 was a record double the deficit of President Obama during the first year of the Great Recession.

The drugs given to "Commander Bone Spurs" at Walter Reed were developed using cells derived from embryonic kidney cells of an electively aborted fetus, but God knew we needed this to fight diseases. Trump is unfit to be president.

David Bean, Chatsworth, Ga.


Why no coverage of Jo Jorgensen?

Recently, Chattanooga had a viable presidential candidate visit our city. Your paper covered none of the proceedings. Nor did any other local media outlets.

Jo Jorgensen is a truly wonderful, and intelligent woman. Jo would be a wonderful president. I can't say that about the R or the D. You, as in the Times Free Press, need to change your mantra, from free press to status quo.

Mark Tyson



Check the facts; is Biden what you want?

Did you know that Joe Biden has tried four times to lower Social Security and Medicare? If he wins, what do you think he will do? If you don't believe me, go online and find it.

Biden's COVID plan: In January when President Trump stopped travel from other countries, Biden called him xenophobic. In March, Biden came out with his COVID plan — everything he said, President Trump had already done. Biden offered nothing new; check online.

Now Biden says the first thing he will do is shut the country back down; is that what you want? Who do you want talking to foreign leaders, someone who is weak (Biden)?

Last week he said he was running for the Senate. He has said that several times. President Trump has the respect of foreign leaders. They know if Trump says he will do something, he will. Foreign leaders know they can do whatever they want with Biden and Harris. Harris has already said "the Harris administration." If Biden wins, we will become a socialist country. If you think there is nothing wrong with socialism, you are wrong. We are one nation under God. Socialism leaves God out. Vote straight Republican.

Mary Rominger, Ringgold, Georgia


Trump is using Hitler's playbook

In ordinary times losing 225,000 deaths due to irresponsible leadership, or calling service men/women suckers and losers if killed or captured in war, or having sex with porn stars would defeat anyone. Sadly, these are not ordinary times.

I don't say this lightly, but President Trump is using Adolph Hitler's playbook. They both came to power in republics and told people they were mistreated. They both told their countries they were going to make them great again; used the "Big Lie"; used fear, Hitler of Jews, Trump of Muslims, and got white supremacists' and Christians' support in great numbers. These comparisons are frightening.

Trump says, essentially, if he doesn't win, the election was rigged, and he might not relinquish power. If that happens, we will see blood in the streets since 940 hate groups the Poverty Law Center monitors listen to him and have guns. Don't blame Biden supporters; they voted for him.

Biden is a peacemaker, not a divider.

Wilbourne C. Markham Sr.


Presidential choice couldn't be clearer

Another presidential election is here, and the choice is clear:

Joe Biden (Democrat/COVID-19/Antifa Party): non-PC speech suppression, anti-Christian bigotry, pro-street anarchy, anti-police, government seizure of all firearms, millions of illegals surging across our U.S./Mexican border, illegal immigrants voting "rights," Green New Deal (banning of fossil fuels, air travel, nuclear power), reparations (stealing from non-Black people on behalf of Black slave descendents), forced busing of children out of their neighborhoods to crosstown schools, housing projects built in middle-class subdivisions, packing of Supreme Court, U.S. Senate and House...

Donald Trump (Republican/GOP/Conservative Party): U.S. Constitution as written, freedom of all religion and speech, free enterprise/market approach to problems, individual rights over "group identity," pro–Second Amendment, school choice for all, preservation of U.S. history/heritage, energy independence, legal immigration, keeping checks and balances versus one-party rule, independence of our federal judiciary...

The differences couldn't be more stark.

Ronald Williams


Vote imperiled for infirm voters

My mother requested an absentee ballot. After not receiving one for two weeks, she asked me to call. I was told by Hamilton County election officials that Tennessee law prohibits them sending absentee ballots to assisted living residents. Instead, an election representative is sent once to each long-term care facility per election. This visit had already happened.

My 97-year-old mother has been bed-bound since February and sleeps most of the day. I was told election officials were instructed not to awaken a resident to vote when they arrived. That is obviously why she didn't get to vote.

I asked for a new ballot since I am her power of attorney and said I would deliver it to her. If she was sleeping, she wanted me to wake her to vote. I was told the law prohibited a power of attorney to make that request.

The official told me my mother's only option to vote was in person! This isn't possible. Even if it were, it could be deadly dangerous due to COVID.

Is being old a reason to take someone's vote away? I wonder how many other assisted living residents have lost their right to vote.

Lee Abelson, Signal Mountain