Trump was spot on to take on China, trade

The best thing about President Trump is that he didn't need a PAC or special interest money to make him wealthy, unlike most of those who enter the political arena. He already was a billionaire. He saw the bad trade deals, the over-regulation, the real threat of China and what it had done to the American economy. Last year was amazing, and everyone of every kind was getting a job.

The Chinese torpedo of COVID-19 has been a real setback, but the states that are smart enough to try to open up are recovering rapidly. I can get my hair done in Tennessee and have done so for the past four months. No COVID for me (age 76) or hubby (age 78).

What President Trump did was supercharge our manufacturing and made the needed equipment and PPE to battle the virus.

As a retired quality engineer, I can see China has no quality in its products, whether it's an HVAC system or food. It may say Maytag, but it was built in China with two failures within three years. Our gerbils wouldn't eat Chinese pine nuts back in 1996. Quality products last and don't fill landfills.

Susan Spurgeon


Mississippi misstep on new flag design

So Mississippi has at long last retired its state flag, the one with the Confederate battle banner. The proposed replacement is dominated by a magnolia blossom.

Frankly, folks, I don't see much progress here. Near the top of my list of things that scream The Old South is the magnolia tree.

It's not as offensive as a symbol for a state trying to shed its antebellum image as, say, a cotton bale and a whip. But it's too close for this Southerner's comfort.

The proposed new flag is called the In God We Trust flag because it bears those words. We trust that what will happen? The Confederacy will rise again?

I don't know how many African Americans sit on the Mississippi State Flag Commission, but seems like it could use a few more.

I say, back to the drawing board and hold the mint juleps.

Carolyn Mitchell



Biden outclasses Trump in all policy areas

About two recent letters to the editor from last week: One warns socialism and violence will engulf America if Joe Biden is elected. The other claims that during a second Trump term, "the American republic" would fall.

Neither of these claims is true. America has survived turbulent times and bad presidents. Choosing a leader should be a sober, calm process. Instead of generating fear, let's focus on specifics. The Black community has presented serious concerns that need immediate attention; cities can handle the agitators. Immigration calls for a comprehensive, humane solution. Trump has offered a wall. That's it.

On the military, Trump's lack of interest in deep strategic thinking, among many other things, makes him unfit to be commander in chief. He is a climate-change denier. In foreign affairs he failed to make progress with North Korea, Iran, Syria or China and has left Russian President Putin to poison his opponents.

Biden would restore honor to the presidency, has good relations with the Black community and our allies abroad, is a strategic thinker, and brings decades of government experience to bear on these difficult issues.

Travis J. Owens