Love nation? Don't vote for Trump

Trump cannot win re-election unless it's stolen.

With the postmaster dismantling sorting machines, delaying mail, taking up blue boxes, cutting overtime, millions of votes will be lost. Plus, red states' photo laws, moving/closing precincts, shortening days/hours for early voting are frightening. Further, Trump encourages Russian involvement by supporting Vladimir Putin.

Responsible Republicans oppose Trump: Bill Kristol, George Will, Colin Powell, James Mattis, John Kasich, Michael Steele, Christine Whitman, David Brooks, McCain's family, the Bush family, the list is infinite.

My friend, Russell Polston, who is 94, said, "Wilbourne, please quote me." "I have given money and voted Republican all my life, and they will not get another penny from me." I went to war to fight dictators." "It's not about Republicans or Democrats; it's about saving our democracy." "Trump is a crook and must be defeated." Russell is absolutely right.

Trump sows seeds of bloodshed by legitimizing QAnon. He stokes flames of fear. If he doesn't win, and says the election is fraudulent, he might refuse to leave office. Frightening things could happen in our country.

If you love this nation, how could you vote for Trump?

Wilbourne C. Markham Sr. and Russell Polston

Signal Mountain


National sales tax suggested for U.S.

The question for funding Medicare, especially Medicare for All, has been the subject of endless debate with no real solution. The president has also suggested eliminating the payroll tax funding Social Security through the general fund.

I would like to suggest funding both Medicare and Social Security with a 10% national sales tax at the retail cash register. That way we all pay for everyone's health care and retirement with every purchase we make of new goods and services. Used items would be exempted from the tax.

Those on the Snap or EBT program could use the card to be tax-free for food and essentials. This would remove the payroll and Medicare tax from our paychecks, giving us more money to cover the new national sales tax.

Corporations also would also not pay the payroll or Medicare tax (saving them billions) but would be subject to the 10% sales tax for purchases they make to run their business.

Medicare would be for everyone (exempting elective procedures), but Social Security would only be for retired citizens of the U.S.

I'm no economist, but I believe it would be simple enough to work.

Mark Crane

Athens, Tennessee