Fleischmann silent on voters' concerns

Where's Chuck? COVID-19 rages on. What is Chuck doing to help us?

The election is coming. Why is Chuck Fleischmann not meeting with voters to answer questions and discuss our concerns?

More frequent hurricanes and storms, raging wildfires, loss of insects and plant/animal species, melting ice and permafrost. The words "environment" and "climate change" appear nowhere on Chuck's website. Does he really still think climate change is a hoax?

Chuck has fawned over Trump and declared his support for him. Does he support Trump's lying about COVID-19, Trump's contempt for wounded, killed or captured soldiers? Does Chuck also believe that right-wing extremists are very fine people and great Americans? Does he support the call for armed groups to march on state capitals to declare that they won't wear masks or socially distance to help slow the spread? Does Chuck support foreign interference in our elections? How would we know if he does or doesn't support these Trumpian views. He won't meet with us to talk about these things.

Chuck has been in Congress since 2011. He has not grown into his job. It's time we had a representative who will listen and fight for us. I am voting for Meg Gorman for Congress.

Jim Webster

Signal Mountain


Gene Hyde stands tall for his ethics, expertise

It is unusual for a municipality to employ an arborist and city forestry expert. The city of Chattanooga and its mayors — from many administrations ago — are to be congratulated for possessing the foresight, good judgment and environmental stewardship that enabled Gene Hyde to serve our city.

I had the privilege of working with Gene from time to time on environmental and conservation matters, and I was always impressed not only with Gene's extraordinary knowledge, but also with his sense of fairness and care for our environment when he was called upon to make sometimes polarizing and difficult decisions about balancing the environmental wealth our city possesses — in terms of its tree canopy and biodiversity — and sometimes opposing property and development rights.

Gene served in a manner which always offered our citizens and elected officials a wealth of knowledge, coupled with an ethic comprised of passion for conservation and fundamental fairness to property owners and environmental advocates.

I hope everyone will take a minute, as Gene enjoys his retirement, to reflect on his career and his compassionate method for providing guidance, offering advice and for being one of the strong horses that our city has ridden into its outdoor brilliance.

Michael Mallen


Logic doesn't explain Trump

Donald J. Trump used to confound me. What with his buffoonery and mindless brand of anti-intellectualism, day to day I thought: Why would anyone of conscience vote for a man with absolutely no conscience?

But now I know that my trying to rely on logic to explain this enigmatic pandemic of authoritarian worshippers was wrong. Trump voters in reality represent a cult: They accept QAnon deep-state conspiracy theories.

Indeed, Trump voters remind me of the '60s: of Moonies, Hale-Boppers, Heaven's Gate, Hari Krishnas. I'll even throw in the Maharishi.

Donald Trump cares about Donald Trump. If you don't believe me, just ask his sisters.

Mike Bodine

East Ridge