Pertinent questions for us to ponder

With all of the protests going on in the country, I wonder:

* After eight years of the Obama administration, why American cities are having protests and violence? Why didn't he respond to Black Lives Matter concerns in 2014?

* Why a Black president didn't do a better job of bringing improvements to inner cities of America?

* With a Christian heritage, why more people are not peacemakers, and why forgiveness about the past is not emphasized?

* Why people who break the law by stealing and looting have not been taught the consequences of their behavior?

* Why schools don't do a better job of teaching children about responsibility so that adults act responsibly?

If police killed my relative, the Bible says I should forgive, and I would try to do that. As a deaf person, the police have discriminated against me, and I have had to forgive.

I wonder if others can do the same. At the present time, I don't think we need to protest.

Tim Nichols

Pikeville, Tennessee


Black lives matter, as do police lives

"A few bad apples won't spoil the bunch." Well, someone hasn't been eating their apples. If you leave bad apples in the bunch long enough, the mold and rot will certainly spread. Likewise leaving "bad apples" on the police force will lead to spreading the rot because the "code" requires that they protect each other. Interesting, the bad apple analogy isn't extended to protesters by conservatives. They use a few looters to condemn the entire cause. People have taken to the streets, as is their right, because they are frustrated and angry. They have seen unarmed Black citizens killed again and again by police — even during the protests. Still nothing has been done in any city or state — much less the nation — to answer their concerns. All Black Lives Matter — just as much as police lives. If we can't recognize that, we're not a just nation. We're a police state.

Rick G. Woodlee

Chickamauga, Georgia


Trump, not Bennett, has demeaned MOH

I urge the writer of last Sunday's letter to the editor who objected so strenuously to a recent cartoon by Clay Bennett to read the commentary by Leonard Pitts which appeared the same day.

The writer would be better served to aim his ire at our current president. Donald Trump has, by his words and attitude toward many service members, been the one responsible for demeaning the Medal of Honor (MOH).

Joe Porter

Sewanee, Tennessee


Handling of voting requests questioned

Since both parties are worried about upcoming potential voting problems, I contacted our local election commission officials to follow up on our absentee voting requests. Their answer concerns me. I was told incoming absentee voting requests are placed in a box. They had not been looked at or sorted because they were still doing paperwork from an August election. Our requests were sent to this election commission weeks ago, and to learn that they have just been sitting in a box along with other such requests is unnerving. You would think these absentee voting requests would have been logged in and organized so they would be ready to mail out on time to meet the deadline.

Is this how all election commissions across the states are run? How are we expected to have confidence that our vote is being counted if we don't have confidence in our election commission? Listen to the leaders from both parties. Refine and rectify the voting process so we can trust a win on Nov. 3, with no lingering doubts of whether or not our votes were counted. If you've sent in an absentee voting request, I encourage you to call your election commission and find out how your request is being handled.

T. Berokoff

McDonald, Tennessee



Beware misleading charity for police

I recently received a letter from the American Federation of Police and Concerned Citizens with a large-print notice of "Special SEQUATCHIE County Area Notice" heading. The gist of the message is that this federation is seeking donations for the 2020 Sequatchie County Area Annual Appeal for the Police Family Survivors Fund.

However, information you are not getting is this so-called charity has been under investigation since Oct. 11, 2018, for charges including improper conduct, according to the article "Minnesota AG Sues Florida Charity Over Allegedly Misleading Donors" (from website). The federation got one star out of possible four stars for its overall score and rating, and zero stars for financial rating.

You should look this up for yourself, and any time you get a call or letter asking for a donation from a charity that you are not familiar with, look it up! I advise all of you to make your donations where you are positive that they will be used in the manner you would wish. And keep it local.

Helen Cooper, captain, retired

Chattanooga Police Department


We need balanced budget amendment

My views concerning the federal budget deficit.

1. Our federal spending is out of control.

2. Our federal budget deficit is obscene, an unsustainable burden on our national well-being. One segment of taxpayers should not be expected to support others.

3. Market fundamentals should determine economic realities.

4. Federal stimulus should be stopped; citizens should work for their money and live within their means.

5. A flat tax should replace our current tax system.

It is hopeless to argue what federal spending should include because our country will never have a consensus. We must establish a balanced budget amendment to limit how much money the federal government spends.

Tennessee spends too much money and is steeped in waste. Despite this, Tennessee is protected by a legal mandate to balance the budget. I ask that our Tennessee elected officials sponsor a bill to require the federal government to operate within a balanced budget. Even if it never passes, at least we have tried to do something meaningful to correct the deficit. Otherwise, we endure the full weight of failing to try and allowing our country to continue an unsustainable debt.

John Christof

Jasper, Tennessee


A fix for U.S. health care sorely needed

With Obamacare, what I could afford was not worth paying for. I need health care. I need health coverage.

Please, next Mr. President, figure out this major problem.

Melinda Hankins


Accept this challenge and support first responders

My husband and I accepted a challenge from a friend on St. Simon's Island, Georgia, and we want to extend this challenge to others here. This challenge will be a little act of kindness that shows you care.

The challenge is called the "First Responders Grab n Go Snacks." The idea is to deliver individually packaged snacks and drinks that can be picked up easily as first responders head out for their shifts and/or calls.

We delivered our snacks, and now challenge area residents to deliver individual protein bars, nuts, crackers, cookies, candy bars, trail mix, etc., with water and sports drinks to the first responders in their communities.

It felt great to let our local first responders know that they are appreciated.

Janet and George Sivils

Collegedale, Tennessee