Trump supporters 'will not roll over'

I keep hearing the left say we need to "unite with the American people." What Democrats mean is that they want to force you to agree with them. This "no peace" threat unless Biden is elected is not "unity." If Trump loses, 45% of this country will not be "unified." Biden will be treated like you people treated Trump.

We will never, ever, accept the left's warped philosophy. It is based on emotion, lack of logic, and government control, not to mention hate for the Orange Man. Organizations like Black Lives Matter are fascist, racist and evil.

This election is a set-up by the left to be contested. If Trump wins, the communist Democrats will sue. We will never accept your thieving of an election. Cheating is the only way you can win. We will not roll over and let you people ruin our way of life. This will sow the seeds of a civil war.

To a Democrat, cheating does not exist. It is just the ends justify the means. It is because they are immoral, unethical liars.

Trump is going to win by an electoral landslide and the left will go nuts.

Tim Price



'Ambassadors' cleaning up our city's 'living room'

As I was crossing Chestnut Street on the way back to my office one day last week, a young man, wearing an orange T-shirt and riding a bicycle slowed down to ask me how I was doing. After I answered, he responded, "Have a nice day and be safe." The lettering on the back of his shirt read "Ambassador."

Over the past 30 days, I have also noticed teams of workers, also wearing orange shirts, sweeping and cleaning the streets and sidewalks downtown and removing graffiti from area buildings. What I and others are witnessing is the recently activated Downtown Chattanooga Alliance in action. Our downtown is the "living room" and center of commerce for our community. Thanks to the vision and leadership of the RiverCity Company and the Alliance Board, the financial support of district property owners, and a cooperative partnership with the city, our downtown will be a cleaner, safer and more friendly place in which to live, work, visit and play.

As a downtown property owner for more than 50 years, I am encouraged by what I see happening on the ground. What I predict in the future is a groundswell of community pride, something we need more than ever during these challenging times.

Mike McGauley


Bennett strays from facts in his cartoons

Clay Bennett, as usual, missed the mark by 180 degrees. Mr. Trump, with all his faults, didn't add to COVID-19 deaths. He very early stopped travel from China, saving countless lives — an act Joe Biden characterized as xenophobic and reckless.

It is in Democratic congressional districts that the virus has caused the most deaths. Perhaps Mr. Bennett should broaden his research beyond the hopelessly angry and biased media.

Jeff Wilson