Not 'Hate hate," but love one another

Why so much hatred in politics? Greed — spending other people's money. Bullying — ordering other people around. Pride — despising others. Hypocrisy — listing Trump's sins while not trusting voters with Biden's and Harris's sins.

Trump blusters erratically; the smug bureaucratic swamp taxes (greed), regulates (bullying) and won't listen (pride).

Even we puritan fundamentalists feel hate's temptation. The Sept. 15 Chattanooga Times editorial, "Instead of hating each other, why don't we hate hate?" makes a useless word pretzel. But "Love one another as I have loved you," ordered our Lord, King Jesus, president of presidents and judge of judges. "Hate hate," states the Times. "Love one another," says The Boss. Repent and follow him.

Christian love fixes politics: The prince of peace is libertarian. Generous himself, not greedy for taxes. Terrorizing criminal evildoers, letting the rest of us do good in peace rather than sweat regulations. Respecting each person he talked with as a unique creation of God, showing God's image however badly; lovingly leading each to repent, not call sins virtues.

So replace most governments with the diverse, responsive, quickly accountable, constantly improving freely competitive business sector for Christian, practical, peace-making, loving reasons.

Andrew Lohr


Lamar, Marsha, Chuck are MIA

I suppose it should come as no surprise that we hear from the Bob Woodward reports that this president downplayed the coronavirus pandemic. He even stated "he liked" downplaying the virus. Just another of his many bad decisions.

What should surprise us, though, is how our congressman and two senators offered zero push-back against the president's message the whole time. They failed us as much as this president. Think about that on Nov. 3.

Dennis Foxworth


How can we unite with Republicans?

Joe Biden and the Democrats keep asking me to consider voting for them because they want to "unite" our divided country. I will vote an all-Democrat ticket, but I ask this: Unite with whom?

Republican voters have proven over four years that they approve of Donald Trump in spite of the death of 200,000 fellow Americans and the suffering of more than 6 million more. The numbers demonstrate that minority communities and poor communities suffer more. Violence, division, anger and hatred are the paths to authoritarian dictatorship, and Republican voters embrace this with glee. Why? Because "equal rights" means rights for people Republican voters judge as not worthy. They just needed Vladimir Putin to show them how to destroy democracy.

Asking me to unite with fascists, criminals and the "fine people" that fill the KKK is asking too much of me. I know that at least one in three people I meet every day is a Trump supporter, and that is sickening. If Republicans retain power, government "of the people, by the people and for the people" will be "of, by and for" the Trump family and Vladimir Putin.

Jonathan D. Nessle


GOP voter tactics confound reader

It seems to me the Trump supporters at the Virginia early voting station were using the tactics of the Hitler supporters before World War II.

Clearly they do not believe in our Constitution and laws but want to force this country into their image of hate and fear. More and more, this makes me believe I will never vote for another Republican.

Roger Thompson

Tullahoma, Tennessee