Trump deserves a second term as POTUS

It would be wonderful if our country had the best economy it has had in years, with more people working in years. More Blacks and Hispanics working — ever. Manufacturing moving back to the states. Stock market hits record after record. More people able to buy homes. More people showing their patriotism.

Oh wait. That is what our country was like before COVID. People (Democrats) have said President Trump has been bad for our country. I do not think so. The Dems do not like Trump because he was not an elected politician before he was elected president, and he has proven that a regular person could run for president and win. He has shown them he knows how to run a country.

The media does not like him because he calls them out for what they are, fake news. Vote for President Trump on Nov. 3, 2020. Keep our country great.

Mary Rominger

Ringgold, Georgia


Cyclists' 'need for speed' should be fulfilled away from the Riverwalk

I love to ride my bike. I love riding fast, and I love riding on the Riverwalk.

However, I do realize that the Riverwalk is not the place for speed, hence the name Riverwalk!

So please, fellow bikers, slow down while riding on our beautiful Riverwalk because you are giving other bikers a bad reputation.

Remember, walkers have the right of way. Chattanooga has beautiful country roads, and they are working on more bike lanes in the city. If you feel the need for speed, I suggest you ride there.

Lori Woodard


Court pick battle reflects poorly on both sides

If Joe Biden and Donald Trump have both been looking for the best candidates to fill the Supreme Court vacancy, it is just possible that a few judges may be on both lists. Of course, they would both have to share their lists to find out if there is anyone on both lists.

If Trump could nominate someone that is on both lists, political war over this one task could be averted. And even if there is no candidate on both lists, the mutual attempt to find one would greatly improve my opinion of both presidential candidates. Right now it is as if both parties actually want to fight rather than seek a possible solution.

Shame on them for being so immature. America deserves better.

Eric Ashby



Don't fault BLM; reform the police

Regarding the Free Press editorial on 9/19/20, "Confronted with the Truth," the editor needs to take his own advice: stand against his own crowd when it is the right thing to do. Trump's words twisted? Hah. Biden's incorrect statements? Clean your own house first.

As to Michael Brown in Ferguson, the Justice Department did find that statements about his surrendering with his hands up were not credible. Yes, many people still dispute this finding. But for the editor to ask, "What would it take for the Black Lives Matter movement to acknowledge the lie" is disingenuous. The BLM movement has become influential not because of what Michael Brown did or didn't do but because of a long list of recent cases in which police have clearly been at fault. Police reform is gravely needed, as the Justice Department made very clear when it detailed extensive abuse of power by the Ferguson Police Department. And white people such as the editor and I should be very careful about criticizing Black people who have trouble believing authorities when there has been a very, very long history of abuse of Black people, along with cover-ups by those in authority.

Betsy Darken


Voting does matter; rise above our fears

I recently talked with a friend, and the conversation turned to the election. She said she is not voting. She doesn't like either candidate and said it doesn't matter. This conversation bothered me so much I couldn't sleep because I know she is not the only one who thinks this.

It does matter. It all matters. You matter. Your voice is important, valid and worthy. As Eleanor Roosevelt said after the attack on Pearl Harbor, "You cannot escape anxiety. You cannot escape a clutch of fear at your heart, and yet I hope that the certainty of what we have to meet will make you rise above these fears."

It is not enough to tell your kids how to act, you have to show them. They see what is happening, and they may not understand it all, but they are taking it in. When you vote, you are not just voting for yourself and the present, you are voting for your children. You are voting so they see that it matters. We cannot go backwards. We have to rise above these fears together. And the only way to do that is to make our voices heard.

Evie Durant

Signal Mountain


Doesn't understand any Trump support

I don't mean to offend, but I honestly don't understand people who hate death by abortion but would vote for Donald Trump, whose inaction accounts for nearly 200,000 needless COVID-19 deaths. I don't understand people who sincerely thank veterans for their service, yet support Trump, who supposedly demeans them as "suckers and losers."

Or people who depend on the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security, but trust Trump, who seeks to starve these "socialist" systems.

They say they love the flag but approve Trump, who lauds Confederate generals who fought against the United States. They attack Bill Clinton but support Trump despite a long, sordid history of sexual misconduct. Criticize the "Washington Swamp" but would vote for a man who swims in a cesspool of people with ethical and criminal misconduct.

Or people who are just getting by back Trump, who got an enormous tax break for himself and his friends but chump change for the little guy. People who love their children and grandchildren but would vote for Donald Trump, who puts their planet in peril. I just honestly don't understand!

Joseph E. Huber



Don't pick nominee before the election

In 2016, when the Supreme Court vacancy occurred, Sen. Alexander stated: "I believe it is reasonable to give the American people a voice by allowing the next president to fill this lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court." If it was reasonable in 2016, it should still be reasonable today. The Senate should not rush through a Supreme Court nominee before the election.

T. K. Davis