No words to describe the debate debacle

I was searching hard for a single, non-expletive word to describe Donald Trump's presence and spectacle performance at the so-called debate which, from the opening moments, proved hardly worthy of that descriptor. Shameful and embarrassing as it was for our country, the event proved illustrative in ways many have yet to fully appreciate.

The Trump "experiment" can be best characterized by Mark Twain's wry observation: "If you hold a cat by the tail, you will learn some things you can learn no other way."

All of our fears, all of what we know, and all of what we thought we knew of this chaotic presidency came into sharp focus Tuesday night.

Denny Pistoll

Rising Fawn, Georgia


Tax article shows authors' biases

As a practicing CPA, I take great offense to the banner headline about how much income tax President Trump did or did not pay.

Who really cares about how much Mickey Mouse, Warren Buffett, Bill Clinton, Trump or I pay? The underlying reality is about the federal income tax system.

As far back as the Civil War, a federal income tax system has existed. It has been revised, twisted, tweaked and whatever since by both Democrats and Republicans. It has always favored entrepreneurs willing to risk their capital or politicians using the tax system to benefit their agenda.

The real question that should be asked and answered is how many jobs for income tax-paying employees were created by one who has used the legality of the Internal Revenue Code to build a financial empire.

This article reflects the ignorance, and probably political bias, of its authors. If our system of capitalism is destroyed, possibly they will experience a great awakening.

Ron Peterson


Is congressman 'Chicken Chuck'?

Republicans have ridiculed Joe Biden for his lack of public appearances in 2020, and this was reflected in the cartoon on the conservative Free Press editorial page in Sunday's paper.

I would like to note that I have seen Joe Biden more this year than I have Chuck Fleischmann in the last five.

During an election year, you are more likely to see Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster than Rep. Fleischmann. Chuck is afraid to have a town hall meeting, to answer questions which don't flatter him, or provide rationale for his votes.

He is more than willing to take campaign contributions but has the arrogance to not bother to campaign. He also refuses to debate any recent Democratic opponent.

This behavior all adds up to what I refer to as the "Chuck Duck." Since Rep. Fleischmann seems to be fond of President Trump and the degrading nicknames he assigns to people, from now on I'll just refer to the congressman as "Chicken Chuck."

Al Ezzell