On guns, lawmakers out of touch with cities

I recently read the editorial on the conservative side of the TFP entitled "Mayoral candidates should address gun violence." The editorial stated that the candidates don't have a detailed plan to stop the shootings. Truth is, there is not much they can do. It must come from the state legislature. Unfortunately, the legislature goes the other way.

Law enforcement is right. The permitless handgun carry bill is bad. It is not an anti-crime bill; it is a pro-crime bill. It gives a pass to gang members, mean and violent people who now can carry these weapons without being questioned. Police can't question people with stolen guns.

I do believe law-abiding citizens should have the right of self-protection by being able to carry a weapon. However, this bill goes way too far.

Ironically, the House and Senate passing this bill admit that there are exceptions to the Second Amendment just as there are exceptions to all other amendments. They placed age restrictions, DUI restrictions and barred mentally defective people from possessing these weapons.

Rural legislators and a governor who lives on a ranch are out of touch with the gun problems in major cities.

Russell Bean


State is backward on marijuana

State Rep. Brandon Ogles, R-Franklin, is not only out of touch with reality, he's living in another age. A not-so-distant past where marijuana wasn't legal, where it was purchased on the street along with the real life-threatening drugs and all controlled by criminals. He obviously doesn't know anything about marijuana or the benefits of legalization and taxation and knows much less about the benefits of its use medically or recreationally.

He equates it as legalized drug abuse and will have none of it, calling its democratic legalization "below Southern values." His statements and actions remind one of the repressive, oppressive "values" of the old South's politicians, namely George Wallace, who also called certain past legislation and reform "below Southern values" as well. Wallace spoke for and was backed by the Klan and later apologized and repented.

The South's conservative politicians and their "Dixie backwoods" politics have become a daily, national and global embarrassment.

Joshua Hurley


More info could help vaccine rates

I am a 13-year-old citizen of Hamilton County, and I'm working on a Boy Scout badge. The assignment is to reach out to a local newspaper and share my opinion.

I believe everybody should be vaccinated for COVID-19. My hope is that everybody will get vaccinated and take the vaccination seriously. I can't wait to get my own vaccine — I will finally get to be able to do all the normal things a teenager gets to do. If my friends also get the vaccine, I'll be able to hang out with them and have fun.

I think some people are not taking the vaccine seriously. More information needs to be put out about how good the vaccine is. The newspaper should share more information about success stories and stats from the vaccine.

Some people might not trust the CDC, but they might trust their local newspaper. If local newspapers put out information about how good the vaccine is, maybe more people will start to get the vaccine.

James McCorkle