Pick Kim White to inspire city

There is a saying that goes, "A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle." Mayoral candidate Kim White is the candle, the bright source of inspiration committed to supporting those around her.

It's a privilege to endorse her as the next mayor of the city of Chattanooga. Not only are we proud to support the candidate we believe is the most experienced and qualified to lead our city, but her candidacy is historic for two reasons; in addition to becoming the first female mayor in the history of our city, she is the first candidate to develop a strategic initiative to support women, particularly those of color. Her policies to help women enter and re-enter the workforce, support both female and male victims of domestic abuse, and promote leadership opportunities in city government will change the trajectory of our city for the better. It's a distinct honor to support a candidate who has the integrity and wisdom to focus not on herself, but on the betterment of all people in our city.

Cherita Adams, Ann Coulter, Briana Garza, Mary Kilbride, Gladys Pineda, Tiffanie Robinson and Tahnika Rodriguez


Thomas Lee is the clear council choice

The choice is clear for District 2 city council representative and for one simple reason: I expect my city council representative to be fully committed to serving District 2 without conflict or compromise.

Thomas Lee is the only candidate who can fulfill such a commitment. His opponent already holds an elected position on our school board, and I'm sure voters who elected Jenny Hill would appreciate her full attention on this front. While I only speak for myself, I wish for my city council representative to be unencumbered and accessible. I've had neighbors express this same concern, which isn't to say Mrs. Hill isn't a good candidate, she's just already chosen her top priority — the school board.

It also would be disappointing for a city council representative to be recused due to conflicts arising from holding two elected positions. This would mean District 2 residents would not have a voice on occasion; I find this to be unacceptable. We elect a person in order to have a voice. I will cast my vote for Thomas Lee because the stakes are too high to not be a candidate's top priority. He's a proven leader.

Becky Cope English


Kim White will be education partner

Kim White as mayor will be Chattanooga's education partner. She's expressed her desire to serve all of Chattanooga and will be a terrific partner to Hamilton County to continue her support of the education system at all levels.

From creating opportunities for our youngest citizens all the way to young adults helping to create Chattanooga's workforce of the future, she is dedicated.

I personally believe in Kim White's ability to lead our city, and I encourage others to vote for her just as I have.

June Scobee Rodgers


'Unencumbered' Lee best for District 2

There is one very important distinction voters must know when casting their ballot for either Jenny Hill or Thomas Lee: Hill currently serves on the Hamilton County School Board — with two years remaining in her term — and she has said that she intends to hold both positions if elected.

While this is legal, I do not believe it is in the best interests of the citizens of District 2 for an individual to have such a concentration of power. Conflicts of interest are inevitable and obvious. With two qualified candidates in this run-off election, the edge must go to the person unencumbered by the demands of serving two offices. I urge voters to consider this and to vote for Thomas Lee.

Paul Mallchok