Biased news report should've been spiked

TFP reporter Wyatt Massey's article on The Signal and Candace Owens in last Sunday's paper was biased and unprofessional. Massey claims that "historians have repeatedly criticized Owens, saying she promotes misrepresentations or falsehoods," yet fails to name or quote a single one. He cites a Facebook post from someone named Dakin Cranwell, as though Mr. Cranwell is some kind of authority, which claims that Owens (a Black woman) and her BLEXIT Foundation are "dangerous to the Black community," yet he fails to provide any evidence in support of such a serious and inflammatory allegation. Worse, he builds most of the article around the opinions of and quotes from Cameron Williams, whom he describes as an "activist" who "helped organize weeks of local protests against police brutality in 2020." Without citing any supporting evidence, Williams claims that Owens' rhetoric "mirrors hate speech from the Nazis."

Massey's biggest failure was neglecting to mention that Williams was fired from the Chattanooga Public Library for burning books he disliked, while celebrating the act on social media. Including this fact would have put Williams' claim that Owens was the one mirroring Nazis in a different light. Massey's article is an editorial mislabeled as news. An editor should have caught it before publication.

Andy Walker

Signal Mountain


Corporations: Don't give to Republicans

While it is comforting that many corporations are issuing strong statements against voting restrictions and plan to "work against" them, what would make a real difference is stopping political contributions to Republicans as long as their party continues voter suppression efforts. Otherwise, corporate statements are just public theater. Corporations: Stop supporting Jim Crow Republicans and the RNC.

David C. Redheffer

Ringgold, Georgia


Maybe Bennett should move to Portland?

Clay Bennett is a very talented artist, but his political wit is lacking. I took exception to the cartoon he made recently of a police officer's badge with the words, "Judge, jury, executioner." It was not thought-provoking or politically satirical; it was extremely incendiary.

The people who serve our community in the role of public safety are willing to put their life on the line for their fellow citizens. Somehow I can't imagine Mr. Bennett doing the same. The police forces in our country have been savagely attacked this past year by several media outlets that are too willing to serve up misleading, politically charged narratives for ratings.

I haven't noticed any police officers — of all races — claim that they took their job to go out and kill citizens. Without law, there is no order. Perhaps Mr. Bennett would like to relocate to Portland. It has the type law enforcement he seems to be advocating.

Frankie Dunbar

Cleveland, Tennessee