Wagering, gambling all the same: addictive

In his Saturday column, Jay Greeson lauded Tennessee's legalized online sports wagering. In past columns, he touted the revenue generated and posits a situation in which a husband tells his wife "It's (his bet) for the children." In a previous column, Mr. Greeson also posted links to the various online sites.

In 2019, a "reluctant" Gov. Bill Lee signed Tennessee's legalized online wagering into law. In the first month of legalization, the public made $131 million in bets. Of this princely sum, the state received just $2.3 million in revenue for the Tennessee Education Lottery.

Wagering is a genteel term for gambling, plain and simple, and, like other habits, gambling can be addictive, even an obsession. I would point Mr. Greeson to two prime examples: Pete Rose, banned from baseball for life, and Charles Barkley, who lost millions many times over, and accrued $30 million in gambling debt.

I will get "'right to the point:" If you or a family member has financial or social difficulties due to gambling, there is help available. Go to for local resources to heal your family. Please, do it for the children.

April Cook

Lookout Mountain, Tennessee


Bennett cartoon insults police forces

I think the badge cartoon by Chattanooga Times cartoonist Clay Bennett was especially despicable. It's open season on cops as it is, and the last thing needed is a cartoon like that.

It's a disgrace to the mostly "good cops" who risk their lives, even for the jerks of the country. Let those folks get their behinds out there and make split decisions.

Jane Kreuger


Can anyone define what GOP is anymore?

Republicans are confronted with a hill too steep to climb.

It all began with Trump's birther claims in a failed attempt to discredit Barack Obama, all the way to Trump's insistence that the election was stolen from him when neither he nor his lawyers could produce a shred of evidence to support this absurd assertion.

Will Republicans ever live down the events of Jan. 6 — the Trump instigation of the riots on the Capitol resulting in destruction and death?

Republicans will live with President George W. Bush taking this country into an unnecessary and unjustified war with Iraq yet to end.

Trump, the next Republican president, left office losing the presidency and both chambers of Congress.

What will be Trump's enduring legacy is his failure in initiatives to prevent the spread of coronavirus as was so successfully accomplished by the South Korean government for its citizens. Trump admitted to playing it down, saying consistently that the coronavirus would just disappear. As a consequence, many thousands of American lives were lost.

Another legacy is the trillions added to the national debt, all incurred in one term.

Conservatism was once described as fiscal responsibility. What does the Republican Party stand for and can that now be defined?

John Bratton