Recycling: How did it come to this?

While still living in my hometown, Wilmington, N.C., I designed T-shirts with the caption WECYCLE. My efforts were to celebrate my city's pro-recycling stance.

Last week, I received an email: "The City of Chattanooga is suspending curbside recycling due to the worsening shortage of truck operators ..." The key word here is "worsening" because it means the problem has grown into what it is now purported to be.

How can a city overly concerned with highlighting the positives as reasons people and businesses should relocate to the Scenic City find itself saying to its residents it is "... suspending curbside recycling due to ..."? Why wasn't maintaining continuous curbside recycling a prioritized projection?

Often, in the evening, we walk around downtown. On occasion, my friend's wife has commented, "I love Chattanooga, I love the art; everywhere I look, something unique and interesting. Last weekend, she asked me, "Did you know they suspended curbside recycling?"

Earl S. Braggs


Jan. 6 'patriots'? They are 'traitors'

After seeing the testimony of those police officers on television, I felt that I just had to say something.

I am appalled that these domestic terrorists have the audacity to call themselves patriots. When they call a Black Capitol Police officer a disgusting epithet or tell a Hispanic police officer you're "not even an American," this should be a disgrace to all Americans and especially to us veterans.

Had they just ventured a few miles further to Arlington National Cemetery, they would have seen a lot of headstones of men and women who served our country. And, you know what? When I visited that hallowed ground, I don't remember ever seeing on any headstone anything about this one being Black or white or Hispanic or Asian. Just their name, service branch, rank and religious affiliation.

And when my time comes, I will be proud to be interred next to any one of them, no matter what their ethnicity. Whereas, those insurgents who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6 should be ashamed to even look another American in the eye.

Let's face it. Plain and simple. They are traitors. And they should be tried and convicted as such.

David R. Fleury, Apison


No immigration story on purpose?

As I scan this morning's paper and also the online edition, I find it odd that the AP is reporting another record surge of illegal immigrants coming to the U.S., yet I found no mention at all. Why is that? Do you feel that's not an important story?

Also reported are so many of them are coming in with COVID-19, which can lead to potentially thousands of infections across the USA. That in itself is a huge story, but not one word that I could find.

Are you trying to overlook the current administration's policy that is causing this? I believe that the readers of your paper would want to know the story.

Harold Loyd