Voters: Be better boss of Blackburn

In view of Tennessee Republicans Sen. Marsha Blackburn's furtherance of the big lie and alternative facts about COVID vaccination: Sadly, she resides in an altered state of consciousness.

She is employed, paid a salary and works for us, the citizens of Tennessee — we need to be a better boss!

Johnny Jones, Hixson


Gov. Lee: Do we need to move or 'moo'?

I find Gov. Lee more concerned about cows and out-of-state citizens than the people of Tennessee.

The governor pays out-of-state citizens $250 airline vouchers, setting aside $2.5 million for the (Tennessee On ME) program. Which should be called Tennessee for out-of-state tourists on the taxpayer.

Now we find out the governor cares more about cows than he does the people of Tennessee.

Lee says he doesn't believe in enticements for the reluctant people of our state to get the vaccine. But he is all for monetary incentives for vaccination of cows. The state pays farmers up to $1,500 to vaccinate cows against respiratory diseases. This program has cost Tennessee taxpayers almost $500,000 over the last two years.

Maybe Tennesseans would be better served by Gov. Lee if we lived out of the state or were cattle.

Don Thurman, Cleveland, Tenn.


Cartoon reveals Bennett's problems

The editorial cartoon of Clay Bennett on July 30 of a bottle of vaccine alongside a bottle of embalming fluid shows what kind of person Bennett is. He is very sick — a mentally ill person.

The editor of this page is no better since this type of cartoon was allowed to be printed. This shows what kinds of "news" is allowed in the TFP.

As long as Bennett draws this garbage and the TFP prints it, how in the world can readers get true, honest reading?

Bud Conway, Whitwell, Tenn.


Finally, time to let Cubans be Cubans

Cal Thomas (syndicated conservative columnist) let loose on Cuba recently. Has he ever been there (it helps if you have)? President Bush gave permission to check out Cuba's culture and everyday life. It was an eye-opener. It was a few years after the Berlin Wall had fallen.

The story of Cuba is about survival against decades of sanctions and the politics of South Florida. The revolution addressed nationwide corruption and cruelty. Cuban workers were left out of the loop. Sad to say, the "owners" acted like there was no end to slaves and in too many places, the indigenous people became extinct.

The U.S. picked Spain to gain "ownership" of Cuba. "Remember the Maine" and Teddy Roosevelt. Cuba could not be controlled and quickly descended into a murderous tyranny. The mafia even set up in Havana.

So it's way over time to get out the carrots. It's time to get serious. All the way, we must let Cubans be Cubans.

Blake Moore