Anti-maskers need a lesson in logic

How deplorable can it get that many self-proclaimed patriots are denouncing Dr. Fauci and the CDC, and are fighting the use of masks and vaccinations that have saved thousands of Americans during our coronavirus war, the worst "world war" since World War II. How petty are those people that rather than join other Americans as an obligation to society, they condemn our only available defenses as abuses of "their freedom."

Aren't all laws, and other state requirements, limits on freedom? Could America be free without them? Many Americans have given their lives, or live with serious injuries, in the name of freedom, and now petty Americans are using "freedom" as an excuse to refuse such minor irritations as wearing a mask or getting a shot? Is that not deplorable? And I suppose these same people have condemned the young Americans who protested the draft for the Vietnam war or the protest of Bush's preemptive Iraq war or BLM protests of racist abusive police treatment. And anyone who thinks that some danger of a mask or the vaccine is a legitimate excuse needs a simple lesson in logic.

John Winesett

Lakesite, Tenn.

Vaccine opponents' viewpoints ignored

The Chattanooga Times Free Press is two-faced when it reports on the COVID baloney on the front page. You print "To Give the News Impartially Without Fear or Favor." That is a lie. Your editorial cartoons on the subject are pro-vaccine; you will not print cartoons speaking against the vaccines. That is not being impartial.

You ignore those who are against the vaccine. Everybody knows what the CDC stands for — the Chinese Disinformation Center.

I have not and will not be vaccinated. I refuse to be a puppet of any wanna-be dictator. I don't need them treating me like a fool, playing follow the leader. They need mindless followers. I am not a sheeple who blindly follows anyone of any political party. I refuse to wear a mask, and I have never been sick.

Those sheeples taking the vaccine need followers to worship them and lead them astray with lies. I know when I am being lied to and when I am being told the truth. I see their lies; I smell their lies.

I doubt you will print this since I refuse to follow the sheeples who don't take a good look at who they are following and where the road leads.

I walk my own path.

Ray Braswell

Rocky Face, Ga.

BCBS, Memorial: Work out your differences

Our household recently received two letters: one from CHI Memorial, the other from BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee. Both informed us that since they weren't able to reach an agreement on a new contract, CHI Memorial and its physicians will be "out of network" as of Sept. 8, 2021.

I personally don't care who the bad guy is in this situation. I'm sure there's blame to be shared between both parties. What I know is that this inability for the two sides to compromise will disrupt thousands of families. After finding and establishing relationships with primary doctors, we will be forced to cut relationships that have built up over years with doctors who know us and have treated us. There will be a flood of new patients for Erlanger providers which, I'm sure, will be hard and slow to be absorbed into their system. And at a time when the citizens of Tennessee need to have good health care, this should be unacceptable. I urge everyone to let their opinions be heard by CHI Memorial and Blue Cross.

Amy E. Cox

Signal Mountain

Have Obama, Trump tout COVID vaccines

Dear President Biden, from what I've read, you are having difficulty achieving your vaccination goals. I have a suggestion — public service announcements. I suggest you ask former Presidents Obama and Trump to headline one. The announcement could mention that these two disagree on almost everything, but they agree on the vaccine's effectiveness. They could both mention they are vaccinated, and the announcement could close with the following: "Do it for you, do it for your family, do it for your friends, do it for America."

If you can't get the two former presidents, perhaps you could put together an all-star group of male athletes. I would suggest Tom Brady, Lebron James, Collin Morikawa, Ronald Acuna Jr. and Wayne Gretzky. This group represents a cross-section of America and sports. You could follow with an all-female group. The message would be the same.

I understand those who may have legitimate reasons for not vaccinating; however, there are a number of people who are clinging to misinformation. Former presidents and athletes can be influential in helping achieve herd immunity goals. We are in this together and quite frankly, I don't want to lose any more friends to this virus.

Bob Hartje

Geography can't sustain our growth

You can sense it coming. It's inevitable. The daily commute time between downtown and its surrounding suburbs during a routine workday has almost doubled (on average) within the last five years, to be sure. This small mountain community on the banks of a major river tributary cannot physically become Atlanta ... or Nashville, for that matter. The population has grown, and the construction on our roads has increased. Roadwork will continue to increase, along with its accompanying traffic congestion. At what point do we eventually run into the limits of our physical geography to sustain this?

Brodie Lee Smith

Wildwood, Ga.

Pandemic makes us ponder our deaths

With the ongoing pandemic, lives continue to be disrupted by death. The coronavirus has brought fear within families and across America. No one wants to die, even those who want to go to heaven. Death is for sure, with or without a pandemic. Death is the change agent that happens to everyone. No one has ever escaped death, and that is how it should be. Death is very likely the single best invention of life because it removes the old and makes way for the new. What really is the meaning of death in human existence? Why do we die when we die? What happens to us after we die? What relationship is there, if any, between our life here on this earth and our death? Is there life after death and if so what is its nature? Are there ways that we should live our life that will better prepare us for death and possibly the next life?

Ours is the only life we get here on Earth. How can we be happy and at peace? Will we come back on this earth after death to live another life or do we simply die and are destined to rot and only become part of the earth?

Amos Taj


What does tearing down statues do?

Something has bothered me for a while now. I just don't understand what excuse could be used to tear down a statue. The past is gone. Tearing down a statue does not change a thing. It just proves you have people who could care less than you do to agree with you.

Lou Ann Lawson