Appreciates accurate election laws story

Despite a headline trending alarmist ("Thousands of voters could be taken off registry," Aug. 9), I appreciate TFP reporter Patrick Filbin's handling of the ongoing controversy about Georgia's election laws and voter rolls. He faithfully documented the careful process by which inactive voters are removed from the rolls (in an age when millions of Americans annually move from state to state), and the process by which they're reinstated should a mistake be made. And he mostly avoided the irrational and hysterical theatrics by which Georgia's reform legislation has been grossly mischaracterized as "voter suppression."

Unfortunately, this phrase has appeared in your paper numerous times since the bill was debated and signed into law, and every time without a shred of evidence detailing in just what manner this law suppresses the vote or is discriminatory toward minority populations. And to his shame and revealing his ignorance of American history, President Biden has on too many occasions labeled the Georgia law as "Jim Crow on steroids." Nothing could be further from the truth, and the burden is on him to explain just how these reform efforts suppress the Black vote. So, thanks for reporting that avoids these lies.

Gary Lindley

Lookout Mountain, Ga.


Mental health team needed to aid police

As someone who has worked with the state-funded mobile crisis unit through Volunteer Behavioral Health, I believe using trained mental health professionals, who are better equipped to de-escalate a person in a crisis, would greatly benefit this city's police force. The current mobile crisis team does not work with the city or law enforcement agencies. This can create some confusion about the roles of such workers, for both the workers and those in crisis.

A person in a mental health crisis needs someone with listening skills and knowledge of behavioral health issues. Unfortunately, these are skills not often taught in the police force. Creating a mobile crisis response team that works directly with police can help the community by working to help those who call 911 while doing the least amount of harm to the person in crisis. It will benefit those persons who are struggling mentally and don't know who else to call. Without a mobile crisis response team, the most vulnerable populations in our community are at risk of prejudice, violence, incarceration and possible death.

This is a life or death issue. I urge Mayor Kelly to make it a priority for our city.

Shannon Hardaway


Ross-Meehan also had hand in war effort

We support the City Council making Chattanooga a World War II Heritage City.

Among the many local companies supporting the war effort was the Ross-Meehan Foundry, which made castings for Sherman tanks, 90mm artillery pieces and other armaments.

Our grandfather, Frank Robbins Sr., managed the foundry during three decades.

His diary scrapbook marked "War Years" included a telegram from the War Department directed "to the men and women of Ross-Meehan Foundries: Our fighting men, standing shoulder to shoulder with our gallant Allies, the British and French, have driven the enemy out of North Africa. In this victory the munitions made by American industry, labor and management played a very important role. There is glory for all in this achievement." It was signed by Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Today the First Horizon Pavilion, which houses the Sunday Chattanooga Market, reminds us of the original grandeur of the foundry and its contribution to winning World War II.

Mickey, Joe, Jim and Bob Robbins


Cutting spending best debt solution

I find many contradictions and lack of perspective in Chris Hopkins' July 28 personal finance commentary, "The debt ceiling: Theater of the Absurd." First, he lambastes Mitch McConnell for even raising the issue of the debt limit. There is nothing cynical about raising this. As the minority party, Republicans have to use every lever they can find to stop the Democrats from their current irrational spending spree. As a taxpayer, I don't want Congress to keep running up the bill on "the taxpayer credit card."

Secondly, he seems to indicate there are only two options: raise the debt limit or default on the debt. There are others, such as stop spending money like it grows on trees. Most of the time Congress automatically raises the limit and pretends there are no consequences. Does Hopkins think we can continue to do that and not affect the standing of the United States in world economic circles?

Hopkins should point out the risks our economy runs by continuing business as usual and offer some solutions. If he can't, he needs to stick to helping individuals stay out of debt and leave national fiscal policy to the big boys.

Rusty Lacy



Don't ponder death; only trust in Jesus

This is an answer to the person's letter on Aug. 8. No need to ponder death. Jesus tells us exactly what to expect. Those who trust in Jesus as savior and Lord go to heaven. It is settled because he died on the cross for us and paid the price for our sins. By grace, he gives us eternal life. So we don't really die, we are just changed and taken to heaven forever. But, you must trust Jesus and invite him into your life. See John 3:16 in the Bible.

Marge McNutt

Signal Mountain


Biden's policy on Cuba indefensible

The Biden administration's policy to block the path of Cuban citizens attempting to get the United States to declare amnesty from the communist regime is morally unjust and is legally indefensible. The collapsed communist regime in Cuba is causing hardships that are very substantial, and these people need relief and should be admitted to the U.S., contrary to the Biden administration policy.

Nevertheless, unlimited numbers are allowed to cross illegally from the Mexican border into the United States from various origins in the Western Hemisphere, the Middle East and other points. The brazen Biden Cuban policy is indefensible and is not in the spirit of American policy.

Bob Jack



Democrats now are party of the elites

According to IRS statistics, some 65% of the Americans making more than $500,000 a year are Democrats, and 74% of those who earn less than $100,000 a year are Republicans. By 2018, Democrat representatives were in control of all 20 of the wealthiest congressional districts. In the recent presidential primaries and general election, 17 of the 20 wealthiest ZIP codes gave more money to Democratic candidates than to Republicans. The Democrats are the party of elites from corporate America, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, the media, universities, entertainment and professional sports.

So, when the Democrat Party says they are for the poor and working Americans, they are lying. The Republican Party is the party looking out for all Americans. Trump proved that during his presidency when more Blacks, Hispanics, and independents voted for him in 2020 than any Republican before him.

Gary Hayes