We should welcome Afghan refugees

I am encouraged by the statement from Utah Gov. Spencer Cox identifying the correct position that the United States should welcome refugees from Afghanistan.

I hope that Gov. Lee will follow suit. Since President Trump and Secretary Pompeo entered into accords with the Taliban in February 2020, with the commitment to remove U.S. troops and legitimize the Taliban as the ruling party in Afghanistan, what we are seeing today was inevitable.

What was not inevitable was the reluctance on the part of elected officials to expand resettlement of Afghans and their families who helped the United States in its effort to rid that country of Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups that posed a direct threat to the safety of the United States.

Tennessee should be a welcoming home to any Afghan who assisted the United States, as they have already shown more commitment to the values of freedom and democracy than many natural born Americans will ever do in their lifetimes.

Andrew Stephenson


Trump, Carlson are mere traitors

Traitors may be defined as those betraying their country. This is exactly what happened on Jan. 6 when Trump instigated the riots on the Capitol in an attempt finally to replace him for President Biden.

Betrayal need not be with a foreign power. It occurs when those of this country subvert the Constitution by attempting to replace a legally elected president with someone else. Rudy Giuliani and many of Trump's attorneys petitioned nearly 60 federal judges claiming the election was invalid. In every case, the judges said their claims were without evidence or merit.

Just recently, Tucker Carlson went to Hungary to meet with despotic dictator Viktor Orban, making it clear that he loved him as much as he hates Biden. He and Republican extremists see Orban as a model to replace Biden.

If Trump, Carlson and fellow travelers do not meet the definition of traitor, then how can they be properly defined?

John Bratton


Cuomo cartoon is hypocritical

I noticed the cartoon lampooning Gov. Cuomo on the Free Press [editorial] page of Aug. 11.

I feel compelled to ask, why was no such cartoon published about Trump, when during his election and presidency, he was credibly accused of far worse offenses against far more women? Why is only a salacious Democrat so critiqued by your conservative page? This is deeply hypocritical.

Cuomo is just the latest man in a position of power who had trouble getting his brain above his beltline.

Trump was the most offensive and so far gets away with it, that is, if we ignore his pay-offs to prostitutes. But, it hasn't cost him a job, party loyalty or the obedient service of your Free Press page. Why is that?

Katheryn A. Thompson