'Silly show' reveals idiocy of health care

The debate about "health care" now going on has nothing to do with health care; the issue is money.

As a "consumer" of health care, let me ask you to look at one of those "Explanation of Benefits" you receive.

Note the huge difference between what the insurer is charged and what it actually pays. Now ask: How does any logical business survive by doing what these two (BlueCross BlueShield and CHI Memorial) are doing?

As a business owner and operator, if I had tried to do bookkeeping this way, I would have ended up in jail.

The entire health care industry is built on lies. It must not go on doing this.

Stop the silly show. Negotiate in good faith.

Bill Laudeman, Red Bank


Teachers, your risk is low, so teach

If vaccination reduces the effect of COVID, and children get a very mild case, why are teachers worried?

They are all vaccinated, are they not? If not, why not?

Do not put the proper education of our children in the hands of adults who cannot even think as an adult.

Get vaccinated and stop whining.

Don McAvoy


Leadership crises are in full view

We have an overwhelming leadership crisis in our country right now. Here are four examples:

1) The withdrawal of U.S. forces in Afghanistan has been the most seriously bungled operation in our military history. Who would ever make the mistake of closing a key airbase and withdrawing all our soldiers before getting all our military equipment and all American citizens safely out of the country? Joe Biden did.

2) Opening the Southern border to allow illegals who have not been screened and who are being transported into the interior of America. Biden is doing that.

3) Violent crime and murder rates are skyrocketing in many major U.S. cities in the last six months as a direct result of the positions and policies of this administration. Americans should not stand for this.

4) Finally, the economic policies of the Biden administration are producing sharply rising inflation rates. Trillions of dollars are being added to our debt, which is only going to accelerate this spike and overload the country.

J. Johns, Ringgold, Ga.


Free expression is valuable for students

David Cook's column on Sunday really impacted this veteran high school social studies teacher. It was true what he said about teachers: "We use questions. ... Questions keep the mind open ... honesty prized ... relationships formed."

That is so true in my teaching experience. Once, I took students on a field trip to Washington to the National Holocaust Memorial Museum. Shortly after we started our visit, a bomb scare prompted an emergency evacuation. We were directed toward the mall, where we gathered to discuss what had happened.

A student asked, "Why would anyone phone a bomb scare into a museum?" I've always believed you have to seize the teachable moment, whatever the question. I knew some of my students had been in my world history class when we studied the Holocaust. So, I threw the question out for some discussion.

That experience really formed relationships in that moment, as students taught students, and we all became wiser and thankful to be safe and live in a country that values free expression.

Philip Newton