Biden courageous for getting U.S. out

The only Afghan people willing to fight for their country's independence are the Taliban. With little national identity, the collapse of the government's 300,000-man military was inevitable no matter how well-equipped. The Taliban won with just an AK-47 from the back of a pickup truck: no tanks, no air force, hardly a shot fired.

After 20 years, the death of more than 2,400 U.S. troops (and counting now) and military costs exceeding $2.26 trillion, only Biden had the intelligence to pull the plug on this loser.

If the Taliban knew we were leaving, so did everybody else. Trump negotiated our withdrawal in February 2020, set for May 1, 2021, giving the Taliban leverage against the U.S.-backed government: a Republican fault that led to the chaos.

Trump's immigration policies, the Afghan government and pandemic delayed evacuation, but U.S. citizens waiting until this August have nobody to blame but themselves.

With over a year to do so, the Taliban blocked the roads leading out of the country; chaos at Kabul's airport for Afghans was inevitable. There never was a good time but only Biden had the courage to finally cut our losses.

David Bean, Chatsworth, Ga.


America failed to learn lessons from history

Serving in Asia with USAID from 1969 to 1972 and having visited Afghanistan over that period convinced me that a war with Afghanistan was sure to end badly.

When we invaded I called several colleagues I served with and all said "big mistake." How our "experienced" government officials allowed this to go on for 20 years is embarrassing. What were they thinking?

Seems they did not learn any lessons from history. Biden is right. Get out and get out the best way possible. He showed more courage than any leader in 25 years.

Richard C Kimball


U.S. exit is shameful but necessary now

Those Republicans who are screaming about the exit from Afghanistan and blaming Biden for the fiasco should remember that our troops would never have been there or in Iraq if not for a Republican President, George W. Bush, his war-mongering secretary of state and their Republican supporters in Congress.

They sought revenge and military glory after 9/11 and sent our troops to those countries with no intelligence support, no plan and no exit strategy. But, Bush, who had used his rich boy status to avoid the draft to Vietnam, got to put on a flight suit and stand on the deck of an aircraft carrier and declare that the war was won, 20 years before our troops were finally pulled from that place.

One person in Congress who most loudly stated we should not be there was Joe Biden.

Now, many years later, he has had to make the difficult decision and face the backlash for removing our troops from a place they should never have been sent.

President Obama sent Seal Team 6 to hunt Osama Bin Laden in his Pakistan hiding place. That should have been the tactic from the beginning, a small group, a very specific target. Neat, clean, fast and effective.

Instead we got the long ongoing nightmare, but Bush's vanity was satisfied.

The exit is chaotic, yes. It is shameful and humiliating, oh yes.

But, it is also inevitable and necessary.

Katheryn A. Thompson